Eurowag Fuel Cards

Professional payment solutions for your fleet, giving you control over all costs related to fuel and toll payments.

Eurowag Fuel Cards
15,000+ fuel stations in our network
15,000+ fuel stations in our network
26 toll countries, 4 tunnels
26 toll countries, 4 tunnels
15,000+ customers
15,000+ customers

Fuel card for cost savings

Fuel card for cost savings

Fuel cards are an ideal way to control the costs associated with refuelling. They allow you to easily pay for fuel and use other services without cash. Both large hauliers and smaller ones, for example with only one vehicle, will use the fuel cards. Whether you have trucks or vans in your fleet, Eurowag fuel cards are suitable for everyone.

Eurowag fuel card gives you benefits

Choose your fuel card from Eurowag

Instant overview of costs

The fuel card gives you instant visibility of your costs, saves you money on fuel and reduces administration. Pay by invoice or choose a prepaid fuel card.

Payment on invoice

The card works on the basis of a credit limit. Simply pay with your fuel card and at the end of the month you can see all your expenses clearly on one invoice.

Prepaid fuel card

Deposit money into your account and then simply pay for services as usual. Refuel up to the amount of money you put in. Top up your account easily and online for all cards.

Choose the card with the features you want

Eurowag ONE
Eurowag EASY
Eurowag VECTOR
Designed for
Large and mid-sized CRT Smaller CRT, Delivery fleets Freight Forwarders and their vendors
Payment conditions
Postpaid Prepaid Post paid
Invoice (Tax document)
Fuel station coverage
15 000+ filling stations across Europe 15 000+ filling stations across Europe 15 000+ filling stations across Europe
Toll coverage
26 countries 26 countries 26 countries
VAT Refund
Excise Duty Refund
Net Invoicing
Advanced Payment
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Eurowag Mastercard

The most convenient non-cash solution for covering expenses while on the road.

  • Car service payments
  • Fines
  • Towing services
  • Withdrawals at ATMs

Frequently asked questions

What can I pay for with Eurowag cards?

Eurowag cards can be used to pay for fuel at fuel stations in the Eurowag acceptance network. Cards can also be used to make payments for additional services offered by Eurowag or Eurowag partners, including truck washing and tank cleaning, parking, and more. For a full list of services available, check the Eurowag website.

Where are Eurowag cards accepted?

Eurowag cards are accepted at all fuel stations in the Eurowag acceptance network. See the acceptance network here. The acceptance network includes Eurowag’s own truck parks.

Can Eurowag cards be used for toll payments?

Eurowag cards can be used to make certain toll payments, including some vignettes. See more information on our dedicated toll page, or contact a customer representative for details.

Do Eurowag cards give discounts on fuel and toll?

Definitely. Eurowag cards let you take advantage of our strong positions in the fuel and toll markets, giving you discounts and exclusive prices. Get in touch with us for more details.

I already have a fuel card from a different company. Why do I need a Eurowag fuel card?

Eurowag fuel cards give you access to exclusive benefits only available to Eurowag customers, including discounts on fuel and toll. You also get access to Eurowag Truck Parks, which are conveniently located next to major border crossings.

What is the maximum credit limit for a Eurowag fuel card?

The maximum credit limit is set individually for each client.

How do you decide the credit limit for my company?

Your company's credit limit is determined after an analysis of your company's financials. We look at recent business results and development and check available databases to verify information.

How do I apply for a Eurowag fuel card?

It's simple – just fill out the contact form and we'll get in touch with you.

Which countries do you support for toll services?

We can help you pay for tolls in 26 countries. You can find all the details in the Toll section of our website.