Eurowag Fuel Cards

Professional payment solutions for your fleet, giving you control over all costs related to fuel and toll payments.

15,000+ fuel stations in our network
26 toll countries, 4 tunnels
15,000+ customers

Choose the card with the features you want

Eurowag ONE
Eurowag EASY
Eurowag VECTOR
Designed for
Large and mid-sized CRT Smaller CRT, Delivery fleets Freight Forwarders and their vendors
Payment conditions
Postpaid Prepaid Post paid
Invoice (Tax document)
Fuel station coverage
15 000+ filling stations across Europe 15 000+ filling stations across Europe 15 000+ filling stations across Europe
Toll coverage
26 countries 26 countries 26 countries
VAT Refund
Excise Duty Refund
Net Invoicing
Advanced Payment
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Eurowag Mastercard

The most convenient non-cash solution for covering expenses while on the road.

  • Car service payments
  • Fines
  • Towing services
  • Withdrawals at ATMs

Join the 15 000+ customers who grow their businesses with Eurowag

We are the fastest growing integrated mobility solutions provider in Europe. Take a look at what our customers say about us:

At Martin Homola Transport company is Eurowag a valuable aid. Many car service stations, truck washes and other services without the need for the driver to have cash, the Eurowag card is definitely my first and last choice. There are other benefits associated with this. I know immediately how much I will pay and I know that Eurowag will send a clear and well-arranged invoice in which the amateur can easily find his way around.

Karol Kardoš
Executive Manager, CITO spol, s.r.o.

The name is not a lie – the fuel card is really EASY to use! As a smaller company, Eurowag was the perfect choice for us. They have all the services we need.

Marek Škoda
Executive Manager, X-spedition s.r.o.