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Looking for the Best Route Planner for Your Transports? Eurowag Offers the Most Comprehensive Solution on the Market.

At Eurowag, we know that your customers are becoming more demanding. Hectic times require precision, speed, and maximum efficiency. As a haulier, you may be feeling increasing pressure to ensure that your transports are carried out as quickly as possible, while keeping reliability and value for money in mind.

Looking for the Best Route Planner for Your Transports? Eurowag Offers the Most Comprehensive Solution on the Market.

Have you found yourself in this situation? From now on, everything will be different. Start using our enhanced Route Planner and your business will be running in top shape.

The best possible route for my transport? We'll sort it out for you!

Where are the days when you had the data for your entire fleet literally "in black and white"? Remember the good old paper maps and lengthy calculations about what route would be most optimal for your vehicle? Not to mention the preliminary calculations of how much the transport will ultimately cost you. We know that calculating every cost by hand is extremely time-consuming, attentive, and unless you have an impeccable eye for detail, your expected result is likely to be very far from reality.  

Fortunately, all of these impractical processes are long behind us. Hauliers know that vehicle monitoring systems make their jobs much easier, save energy and costs, and that such an aid is already an essential part of any transportation business. However, what may be causing wrinkles for these hauliers is the vast range of vehicle tracking applications on the market.

How do I know if I've chosen the right one? 

If you're a user of Eurowag's Fleet Management solution, you don't have to go far for the answer. You already have experience with a system that currently has the best Route Planner available in the industry. 

No, these are not just empty promises. What sets EW Telematics new and improved Route Planner apart from the competition is a sophisticated use of truck attributes to make sure the vehicle is following the route allowed by its parameters. What would take you dozens of minutes to calculate on your own, Eurowag's system produces for you instantly.

So, after filling in the required waypoints, the system suggests the best route for the vehicle to take based on the parameters of truck. You can be sure that this route considers all current road privileges and restrictions, and that all the truck attributes are taken into account. 

Such route planning is very flexible, comfortable, and intuitive. If you need a vehicle to pass some specific crossing points, there is nothing easier than adding them using drag&drop. It is also possible to select any location on the map and plot it with one click. 

If you're a stickler for precision in your planning, you'll have come across map waypoints using GPS coordinates. You'll be pleased to know that Route Planner also offers the ability to plan waypoints using them. Do you tend to send your vehicles on the same routes regularly? Then you will appreciate the function to save routes as templates. With each new similar route, you simply recall the saved template and don't have to repeat entering the same data over and over again.

And there is much more!

Price matters

Naturally, we assume that running a fleet is not only your hobby, but as a successful business owner, you also look at the profit that your company earns. There are more than enough mathematical calculations for any company operator to tackle. We will therefore not add to your already lengthy to-do list. On the contrary, our new Route Planner can do the cost calculations including those for toll for you automatically, and it takes less than a second.

Dealing with transport costs has never been easier. With the recommended route, EW Telematics immediately informs you of the final price for the entire transport. In doing so, the calculation the Route Planner relieves you of includes a number of parameters so that this final estimated price approximates reality as closely as possible. 

We can probably guess what you're thinking: After all, the final cost of transport includes so many different values... Does the system really account for all of them?

We can assure you that while the human brain is imperfect, the improved Route Planner minimises the risk of factual errors. In fact, we dare say that manually calculating the cost of every single kilometre of toll motorway that a vehicle crosses on a longer route would take a lot of time. EW Telematics not only shows you the estimated amount calculated based on the vehicle-specific mileage rate, but the resulting costs include the most up-to-date toll price, which is calculated not only for vehicles, but also for vehicle profiles, individual vehicles and also takes into account the manually entered rate per km. 

Once a route has been generated, you are just a click away from seeing a complete breakdown of which motorways the driver will be travelling through in each country. These are broken down by segment, showing you exactly how far each individual segment is and how much the toll will cost you in it. If for some reason you want to avoid motorways in a particular country, there's nothing easier than ticking a single box, and the system will not only generate the route for you but will automatically calculate the updated cost of that journey.


Route, driver, and all related activities are visible in real time

There is more good news for hauliers. In general, it is already becoming standard for fleet management systems to offer real-time vehicle tracking. Of course, the EW Telematics solution is no exception. 

So, what makes us special at Eurowag?

Thanks to our experience with thousands of hauliers, we know that it's not nearly enough to know where a vehicle is on the route. Traffic conditions are constantly changing, and you need to be flexible as a dispatcher. That's exactly what we've kept in mind when improving our Route Planner. Try to think of how many transports simply end up being scheduled and sent to the driver. It's rarely that simple. Especially if you drive irregular routes or cross a large number of countries during your transports.

Monitoring a vehicle isn't just about making sure it's following a prescribed route. The responsiblity of a dispatcher is to keep a constant eye on the activity of your drivers, whether the set times associated with the transport operations are being observed, but also whether the goods are being transported safely. A good dispatcher has long been defined by more than just good planning. For that, you already have the best -- Eurowag Route Planner.

To be an excellent dispatcher, you first and foremost need to handle the pressure that unexpected situations on the road bring. If any obstacle occurs on a scheduled route, you can react to it immediately and send a newly generated route to the driver, so that the goods are delivered to their destination in the best possible time, again, keeping in mind the cost of that transport. You can also plan the driver's time at each destination, such as the loading/unloading point, car park availability, or petrol stations and car washes that are along the route. If you are a large haulier with complex fleet requirements, you will appreciate the amount of data you can add to your loading and unloading data. These include information about your suppliers, loaded items or stay times.

If anything unexpected happens to the driver, the EW MISSION communicator in the vehicle lets you know immediately of any transport-related events. What's more, the new Route Planner uses the popular Sygic navigation system, already relied on by 200 million drivers worldwide.

Something extra for you

If you're already a Eurowag customer, you know that you'll get a host of other related benefits with every product you choose. When using the new Route Planner, let us mention a few of them. 

Among the features you'll be pleased to hear about is the ability to be alerted when your vehicle is approaching the destination. You can choose the time that is most convenient for you to do this. You can also define a notification in the Route Planner to alert you when a vehicle deviates from the planned route based on the corridor size you have selected. You can define time buffer within individual route sections that will be taken into account when recalculating the time between destinations. And if you have a route in your route portfolio that you perform regularly, just save it as a template and load it from the system's memory the next time you plan.

Our clients have become accustomed to the fact that EW Telematics always offers them information about the services that the driver can use directly on the route. Not only do you always see the available car parks, car washes and petrol stations, but within the latter you are also informed of the freshly updated fuel prices at individual gas stations. Another of the many ways in which Eurowag saves you money. 

Driving through Poland? Then you may have come across the rather strict requirements that are imposed on carriers transporting certain types of goods. If you are transporting goods subject to special taxation, such as oil, cigarettes, or alcoholic beverages, etc., you are obliged to register your transport on the PUESC portal, otherwise you risk a hefty fine. EW Telematics can help you in this case as well. Thanks to a simple connection to the PUESC portal, the transport of your sensitive goods is monitored, thus minimising the risk of paying  extra unnecessary fees for crossing through Poland.


The new ROUTE PLANNER in a nutshell:

save routes as templates and reuse them for future plannings

- suggest routes based on truck attributes

flexible options to choose and change routes during transport

overview of the route and driver activity throughout the whole transport

- automatic calculation of expected transport costs including toll costs and truck attributes

- cost calculator with toll segments per country

- option to avoid motorways, ferries or certain countries

- more advanced loading and unloading configurations

- plan routes by GPS coordinates

- drag the route and add crossing points


Do you already know which fleet management system is best? 

If you have any doubts, our highly advanced Route Planner will definitely convince you. You can enjoy its new capabilities with the EW TRUCK PRO package, which includes all of the mentioned features. With the new Route Planner, Eurowag's Fleet Management maximises the efficiency of every single transport.

Reduce your fuel and vehicle management costs, minimise delays and make yourself, your drivers and your customers even happier.

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