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Repaired portion of the D8 motorway to be opened at the end of September

04.09.2017 - The Prackovice viaduct on the Czech D8 motorway is expected to be fully operational in all four lanes after 20th September this year. Trial measurements and tunnel testing are planned for this day where the motorway will be closed for half a day, on…


New car models to expect more reliable emissions testing in the EU

04.09.2017 - Starting from September emissions of nitrogen oxides and particles will be measured more reliably under real-world conditions (the so-called RDE test). This test will subsequently be complemented by a new laboratory trial approach for light vehicles…


Rosneft enters the Indian market

04.09.2017 - Russia’s largest oil producer, Rosneft has successfully entered the Indian market by sealing the deal for an acquisition of 49.13% of shares in Essar Oil Limited (EOL) for 12.9 billion dollars. EOL formed part of Essar Energy holding. A further 49%…


Final section of the D11 to Hradec Králové put into operation

21.08.2017 - As of 21st August 2017, drivers will be able to travel on the D11 motorway from Prague all the way to Hradec Králové. Completion of the 3.7 kilometre-long segment of the motorway between Osičky and Hradec Králové will significantly relieve traffic…


Dutch students manufacture biodegradable car

21.08.2017 - A light electrical biodegradable car made from resin derived from sugar beet and covered with linen has been developed by students in the Netherlands. The car weighs 310 kilogrammes, carries four people and is capable of travelling at speeds of up…


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