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Trucks and buses could also get the eCall system

03.11.2017 - The eCall system was launched by the European Union on 1 October, but for now only for personal vehicles. The faster and more efficient intervention of integrated rescue system components during traffic accidents involving trucks or buses could be…


Germany opened a modern rest place

03.11.2017 - A modern rest place with a filling station was opened in Germany at Fürholzen West on highway A9, and is being used to test the latest digital systems and technologies. The station is equipped with posts for the fast charging of electromobiles,…


Polygon for driverless cars to be created in CZ

03.11.2017 - A polygon for testing and certifying driverless cars should be built in the West Bohemian town of Stříbro in the Czech Republic by 2022. It is being prepared by the Czech investment group Accolade. At the new polygon, it will be possible to test any…


Temporarily restriction on ordering Romanian vignettes

31.10.2017 - Dear customers, We would like to notify you that there are problems with ordering Romanian electronic stamps (vignettes) at our Customer Portal. Unfortunately, currently you cannot order a vignette with immediate validity (i.e. validity from the…


Polish scientists have developed a method of making fuel form plastic

27.10.2017 - Polish scientists have developed a method that enables the production of petrol and diesel from plastic waste. Polyethylene and polypropylene are used to make diesel, while polystyrene is used to make petrol. The plastic is transforms through…


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