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EW opens a fuel station in Austria after Renovation

10.10.2017 - EW has modernised it’s fuel station at A8 motorway The capacity of the site has been increased by 35% Due to location and fuel price, station is very popular within hauliers Prague, 9th October 2017 – W.A.G. payment solutions, also known as…

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W.A.G. este prima companie din Europa Centrală şi de Est care a obţinut licenţa pentru furnizarea serviciului european de taxare rutieră electronică

23.02.2017 - Societatea cehă W.A.G. este a şasea companie din Europa, care a obţinut licenţa Noul sistem facilitează transportatorilor rutieri plata taxei de drum din UE În spatele iniţiativei serviciului european de taxare rutieră electronică se află…

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W.A.G. payment solutions enters the “smart” data market

16.02.2017 - W.A.G. has purchased the Czech market number one in the telematics services The Eurowag brand is also opening up to a new segment of customers Providing “smart” data from vehicle traffic is a fast growing area worldwide   W.A.G. payment…

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W.A.G. payment solutions (“Eurowag”) joined by further first-rate managers as Klaus Burkart and Andrew Chamberlain arrive at the company

07.12.2016 - W.A.G. payment solutions, the fastest growing company delivering payment solutions for mobility in Europe, is expanding its top management. Klaus Burkart and Andrew Chamberlain, managers boasting experience of global missions, are filling newly…

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Attila Dsupin and Georg von der Marwitz join W.A.G payment solutions management team

17.08.2016 - The senior management team of W.A.G. payment solutions, a.s., which does business under the Eurowag brand, has two new members: Attila Dsupin, newly responsible for the local and international business activities in line with the company s growth…

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Optaţi pentru cardul personalizat

Vă oferim 3 variante de carduri Eurowag, personalizate şi adaptate afacerii Dumneavoastră.

Soluţii pentru companiile de transport mari şi mijlocii

Pentru aceste companii, soluţia ideală este cardul de alimentare Eurowag One.

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Soluţii pentru casele de expediţie

În special pentru casele de expediţie şi pentru transportatorii lor contractuali am conceput un produs unic – cardul Eurowag Vector.

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Soluţia pentru societăţile de transport mai mici

Cardul preplătit, Eurowag Easy, este conceput special pentru societăţile de transport mici şi pentru autovehiculele de serviciu.

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