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What are vignettes?

Vignettes are a way to pay for the use of a road network. Different countries have different vignette requirements. Some countries use stickers to show payment for a vignette. Other countries use either electronic or SMS-based vignette systems.

Vignettes can be ordered for different periods of time, ranging from a day up to a year.

Ordering vignettes with Eurowag

  • It’s easy to order vignettes as a Eurowag customer. Just go to the Eurowag Client Portal and make your order there.
  • Manage all toll payments and vignettes in one system and simplify the driving experience.

Vignette systems in Europe


  • Shared electronic vignette system for Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands
  • Vignettes are required for vehicles over 12 tons
  • Order Eurovignette directly through the Eurowag Client Portal or by using your Eurowag fuel card at distribution points

Baltic Vignette

  • Electronic vignette system for Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia
  • Vignettes required for vehicles over 3.5 tons (3 tons in Latvia)
  • Can be ordered directly in the Eurowag Client Portal
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual vignettes available

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