All you need to know about the toll system in Germany.

How toll works in Germany

Pre-pay / Post-pay No No

Toll Solution Overview

  • Solution: OBU, manual tickets
  • Toll technology: Satellite (GNSS)
  • Vehicles required to pay toll: with maximum permissible weight > 7.5 tonnes
  • Toll network: motorways, including service areas,
    and all federal trunk roads, even in urban areas - ca. 52 000 km
  • VAT: No
  • Toll system operator website: here

Choose a toll option for your business


  • No deposit
  • Multi-country solutions available
  • No personalization fee
  • No shipment fee to EU countries


  • Toll Collect solution
  • Fixed OBU installation, fee set by garage that does installation
  • Manual toll payment available

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