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New section of the Czech D4 opened

13/10/17 - Drivers are now able to travel along the five kilometre long section of the Czech D4 motorway between Skalka and the II/118 intersection. The most significant change involves extending the number of lanes to four divided according to the direction…


Truck driver attacks on the rise

13/10/17 - There has been a rise in the number of attacks targeting truck drivers on European roads in recent times. Year-on-year it amounts to a growth of 24 percent. The data could still be higher since not all drivers report the attacks officially. The…


Volvo launches sales of LNG trucks

13/10/17 - Freight manufacturer Volvo Trucks has introduced its Volvo FH and FM models which run on liquefied natural gas (LNG). The new vehicles match diesel trucks in terms of output as well as fuel savings, yet produce a fifth less CO2 emissions than diesel…


Toshiba develops ultra-fast battery chargers

13/10/17 - Japanese company Toshiba has developed a new generation of SCiB batteries. Taking just 6 minutes to charge up, they are supposed to allow electric vehicles to reach up to 320 km. Other improvements include increased energy density and lower battery…


Sales of petrol-powered cars surpass diesel in the EU

06/10/17 - Sales of petrol-powered cars have surpassed their diesel-powered equivalent for the first time since 2009. During the first half of this year, sales of petrol powered cars rose by almost 10 percent in 15 countries around the European Union to 3.66…


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Eurowag tiene soluciones a medida

Ofrecemos tres tipos de tarjeta Eurowag, todas ellas adaptadas a su negocio.

Solución para empresas de transporte de gran y medio tamaño

La solución idónea para este tipo de empresas es Eurowag One.

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Solución para transitarios

Hemos diseñado un producto único especialmente concebido para los transitarios y sus subcontratistas: la tarjeta Eurowag Vector.

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Solución para transportistas de pequeño tamaño

La tarjeta Eurowag Easy se ha diseñado pensando en los transportistas pequeños y en los vehículos de empresa.

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