The Best Podcasts for Truckers

A podcast is a unique content. It still does not have the same acceptance as the other types of content like articles and video, but it grows exponentially. Podcasts are one of the most popular ways to “consume” audio information on-the-go and those who know how to use it, are already converting their podcasts into real one-person radios with thousands of knowledge inside.
But this diversity has a downside as well, because it may turn searching for a quality transmission into a challenge. A qualitative, interesting podcast is a needle in a haystack, that`s why we decided to help you with this jigsaw.
But first,

What is a podcast?
Podcasts are commonly described as on-demand internet radio talks. Basically, it is a record or a series of recorded content pieces revolving around a core idea or a specific theme. The topic of the content can partially be anything from personal growth to accounting or gardening.
Just download software to store your podcasts for a start. Different platforms on which broadcasts can be hosted exist. The best known is iTunes, but others have emerged, such as Winamp or Juice. These free platforms work as a large personal library. They allow you to read and manage your program list.

How to listen to the podcast?
Tablet, iPod, MP3 player: podcasts can be heard on all these media. The easiest way is to connect the chosen device to your computer. Then you have to drag the podcast to the icon that symbolizes your tablet or MP3 player. Note that most radios have also created mobile phone applications. They allow downloading podcasts without going through a computer.

What is the competitive advantage of the podcast?
It is the format itself. People increasingly have less time to read an ebook or articles online, not even mentioning a physical book and therefore we search for content that is easier to "digest."
The podcast has managed to take the advantages of different formats and put them together in a single format. Yes, it requires the attention of listening, but it allows you to consume the content anywhere and doing anything else. It is the format that least interferes.
Moreover, it is a format that works perfectly for drivers.
Here is the list of the best podcasts for truck drivers:

Trucking Podcasts
Here is the list of the best podcasts for truck drivers:

  1. Trucker Dump – Sometimes it’s about humorous life of truck drivers
  2. Alice Isn’t Dead – This is serial fiction about trucker’s lost love
  3. Trucking Podcast – The podcast is done for truckers, by truckers. The most favorite topic here ranges from making more money and truckers adventure.
  4. America’s Truckin’ Network - You should install the iHeartRadio app to listen to their broadcast.


And here is a short list of podcasts that will be interesting for everybody:

  1. Freakonomics Radio – It covers both interesting economic trends and social phenomena
  2. Science Vs. – This is one of the best science podcast channel devoted to all things in the universe.
  3. 60-Second Science - Being up-to-date on the newest developments in science doesn’t have to take long. Tune in every weekday for quick reports and insightful commentaries on the world of science — it’ll just take a minute.
  4. No Such Thing as a Fish – podcast full of fun facts, mystery, and everything that might make you curious
  5. Revisionist History – The channel is hosted by New York Times Best Seller and focusing on specific historical events that influence our lives today.
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