Telesales in Eurowag

A team of positive people and friendly mood in the office are the reasons to get up in the morning with no struggle, according to Filip Schenk who is our Telesales Team leader in the Czech Republic.

Essential for people selling over the phone from the office is the drive - they cannot give up even if they are not doing that well at the moment. Naturally, they are happy when they wrap up a new deal and so the goal for the year is nearer and nearer. Filip and his team manage all that perfectly!

On the Czech market Telesales contribution to the total sales is quite notable. Our Office Sales Representatives, thanks to services they sell today, are responsible for a multi-billion turnover. It is a great portion of responsibility.

The cornerstone of a successful business is solid and long-term relationships build on natural, human and consulting sales. Telesales has combined the long-term experience of field traders and effective sales over the phone. And as we can see today, it was a good choice.