A fleet management system you can trust

Forget about filling in the logbook - all data is automatically saved
Available for all types of vehicles and suitable for mixed fleets
Easy to use vehicle monitoring including data about fuelings, vehicle position and telediagnosis

Savings with our telematics software

Reduce mileage, fuel consumption vehicle wear & tear as well as administrative costs and the cost of running a fleet of vehicles with a comprehensive fleet management solution from Eurowag.



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drivers choose our
telematics solutions
every day.


Optimise Costs & Increase Fuel Savings From Day One
  • Our fleet management system is proven to reduce fuel expenses for businesses by up to 30%.
  • Prevent fraud attempts and fuel theft.
  • Download vehicle tachograph remotely, from the comfort of your office.
  • Secure the cargo as well as the vehicle with automated reports and alerts sent to your phone.
Improve Efficiency and Performance of Your Fleet
  • Plan your routes, search for the next stops and see all the vehicle detail.
  • Communicate to the driver remotely directly within the software, so have everything in one place.
  • Use a mobile app for instant CMR and document scanning.
Enjoy peace of mind with an improved safety record
  • Evaluate and actively manage driving Styles within your fleet.
  • Control over 150 vehicle parameters – speed, acceleration, breaking.
  • Get notified straight away in case of unexpected vehicle malfunction.

Unique telematics software and hardware

Our unique platform gives you a complete overview of drivers’ driving styles and tips for how to make improvements as well as remote downloading of digital tachograph data.

Track & Trace Vehicle Usage - Perfect control over drivers: When and where they were driving.
Increase in employee efficiency and vehicle utilisation - Automatic generation of driving log books, offering a clear distinction between private and business trip.
Vehicle diagnostics - A comprehensive overview of the vehicle’s technical condition allows for the prevention of more serious fault.
Real-time easy to use interface in your local language for vehicle monitoring and route optimisation.

Plus, a selection of mobile apps that allows you to use the platform on the go 24/7 and monitor the activity of the whole fleet on your mobile device, as well as download tachograph remotely and communicate to the driver.

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More than simple vehicle tracking

Just a few advantages and unique features of a fleet management system from Eurowag:

Remote tachograph download - an ideal solution for commercial road transport

Read and automatically archive the data from the tachograph in your vehicles remotely in the comfort of your office, without a need to physically access the vehicle.

Transform any smart device into a communications terminal in seconds

Our system facilitates seamless communication between drivers and dispatchers, so no need for constant calls, WhatsApp Messages and endless flow of SMS. Dispatchers can communicate with the drivers without leaving the system, send them planned routes, request additional shipping data, or recommend refuelling stations. The drivers can create an electronic records of vehicle operation (stamp), scan documents, attach signatures or let navigation to guide him to send destinations. All in seconds.

Evaluate Driving Styles within your Fleet

Easily Compare driving styles within your fleet at the click of a button, receive a comprehensive assessment of driving style and explore the details in a clear way with straightforward colour-coded reports. Driving style is evaluated using multiple criteria including engine running and speed, braking, vehicle speed, cruise control, foresight etc.,  so you can reward good and efficient driving behaviours and enjoy fuel saving as a result.


A Telematics Hardware You Can Trust

We are proud of over 20 years of in-house engeneering experience and a hardware failure rate below 0,05% compared to the 2 – 3%. market average.

Whether you are looking to track busses, lorries or a fleet of passenger cars - we've got you covered.
Dependent on the device and your business requirements we can recommend either a hard-wired installation or a plug and play devices.
A selection of specialised devices and sensors for use in construction, commercial road transport and agriculture.
Most of are devices are equipped with both GMS and GPS antennas, as well as support both analogue and digital connections.


◉ How does telematics work in practice?

To get telematics data from vehicles, the main thing you need is a mobile unit, fitted inside the vehicle. This unit is able to send data about the vehicle to you over a mobile operator network. You can then access it using any device with a live Internet browser. To ensure your greater comfort, you can also use the application on smart telephones and tablets. Using the special application from us, you can then assess the acquired data, but not just that. You can use the app to directly manage your fleet, optimise routes, communicate with drivers etc....

◉ What kind of companies and vehicles is telematics suited to?
Telematics is suitable for anyone who has at least one company car and wants to significantly reduce their operational costs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a passenger or freight vehicle, if it’s construction or agricultural machinery or civil transport.
◉ How difficult is it to install the device in a vehicle for remote data transmission?

Installation isn’t difficult in general, however it depends on the individual needs of the customer and the version selected. In the simplest scenario, it just involves connecting the device to a 12V power socket in a car. In other situations, an in-built solution may be required, in which case the device is purpose mounted outside of the driver’s reach. In this case, installation by an authorised expert will take under 1 hour.

◉ How will telematics help me to save money?

Just by installing a mobile unit, you will eliminate fuel losses in your vehicles. Operational data will subsequently allow you to reduce the amount of unnecessarily clocked up kilometres and fuel consumption. The data acquired will help prevent more serious faults occurring to your vehicles which could happen while carrying out important orders. Simplifying communication through the special app will save you money when communicating with drivers.

◉ What are all the things telematics offer?

Telematics data enable you to drive your fleet with maximum efficiency. Using these data, you can eliminate unauthorised handling of fuel and kilometres clocked up unnecessarily. By monitoring the driving styles of your drivers and the technical condition of vehicles, you can also prevent more serious vehicle faults. The data provided will allow you to monitor the status of your orders in real time.

◉ What specific data will I get from the vehicle?

First of all, you’ll have information about the position of the vehicle and also all the data indicated on the on-board unit (vehicle speed, gear shift speed, engine speed, fuel tank status etc.), in the vehicle’s diagnostics system (such as the operating fluid level, information regarding vehicle roadworthiness) and data from any peripheral features (axle load, coupling/uncoupling of a trailer, number and slope angle etc). You will also have control over the temperature in the transport space and information about adhering to the European AETR agreement on drivers’ hours.

◉ How much will a telematics solution cost me?

It depends on the individual requirements of the client. In an ideal case, initial costs amount to around 130 EUR with monthly packages starting from 5 EUR. Customers soon get return on this initial investment - with returns extending to several months of units.