NET Invoicing - the fastest way to get your tax refund

Customer support in your local language
VAT reimbursed regardless of supplier
Extra fast payments & highly competitive rate

Net Invoicing - Receive your tax refund almost immediately

This method, also known as a “financed refund”, ranks as one of the fastest ways to reclaiming Value Added Tax and Excise Duty paid by you when you purchased fuel, tolls or other services associated with passenger transport or freight haulage. The NET Invoicing allows you to receive your tax refund almost immediately.

In other words – you don’t need to wait for the money to be sent to you from the respective financial authority – Eurowag takes on board financing VAT and Excise Duty, done already on issuing the invoice. Furthermore, you can get financing not just for your Eurowag invoices, but for also all third-party invoices that were not paid by Eurowag cards.  Other words, you can keep the freedom of selecting your fuel and services suppliers and still receive financing for third-party invoces.

Just a few reasons to choose net-invoicing with Eurowag

Exceptionally fast payouts guarantee improved operational cash-flow for your business
Highly competitive rates, which means that you don't have to make any trade-offs
Invoice refunding for both Eurowag and third-party invoices
Clear and transparent reporting, available in your customer portal

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