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Take the stress out of excise duty refund

Excise Duty refunds are a significant and frequently overlooked source of income. Eurowag offers to handle this administratively challenging agenda for all countries where a proportion of Excise Duty can be refunded.

By processing an Excise Duty refund you can significantly cut the cost of fuel, enabling you to save up to EUR 200 (exclusive of VAT) every time you fill up. You can apply for
Excise Duty refunds in a number of countries, including France, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy and Spain.

Excise Duty Rates for individual countries

Just a few reasons to choose Eurowag for your tax refund

Process of all types of tax documents, including fuel, tolls, accommodation etc.
A considerable reduction in time it takes to process your VAT and Excise Duty Refund
A 24/7 web portal to fill you in on every single detail
Complete VAT and Excise Duty documentation, from A to Z
Professional service with a personal approach in your language
ISO certification as a guarantee for quality and standard

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Excise Duty Rates

You can currently apply for an Excise Duty refund in France, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy and Spain