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All foreign vehicles over 12 tonnes (doesn’t apply to buses) are subject to fees for using roads in Great Britain. It is always necessary to pay the fee prior to driving into the country.

The fee will depend based on type of the vehicle, number of axles and weight of the vehicle. It is possible to pay just for a single-day or get a better value when purchasing weekly, monthly or annual use. For more information on the fee, see the section below.


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How to pay for toll with a Eurowag card?


You can choose to pay for HGV road user levy in the UK online using your Eurowag card or at specific distribution points (ferries, fuel stations…). The fine for failing to pay the fee amounts to up to GBP 300. There is no on-board unit issued for the GB toll system - all you need to do is to pay the fee. The vehicle licence plate automatically appears in the register of vehicles for which the fee was paid. The driver doesn’t even need any document confirming the payment to travel through the UK.

You can view the official website of the toll system in UK on: www.hgvlevy.service.gov.uk/.

Toll pricing in the UK

Price list crossing bridges and tunnels in UK
Bridge (tunel)Passenger carCar with trailer
large van
Aldwark brigde£ 0,40£ 1,00
Batheaston bridge£ 0,60£ 1,20
Briwet bridge£ 0,40£ 0,70
Cartford bridge£ 0,40£ 0,80
Cleddau bridge£ 0,75£ 1,50
Clifton suspension bridge£ 0,50£ 0,50
Dartford tunnel£ 2,00£ 2,50
Dunham bridge£ 0,30£ 0,40
Humber bridge£ 1,50£ 1,50
Itchen bridge£ 0,60£ 1,20
Kingsland bridge£ 0,30£ 0,30
Mersey tunnel£ 1,50£ 3,00
Middlesbrough£ 1,20£ 2,00
Newport£ 1,00£ 1,00
Severn river crossing£ 6,20£ 12,40
Severn bridge£ 6,20£ 12,40
Swinford bridge£ 0,05£ 0,10
Tamar bridge£ 1,50£ 3,00
Tyne tunnel£ 1,60£ 2,50
Warburton bridge£ 0,12£ 0,12
Whitchurch bridge£ 0,40£ 3,00
Whitney-on-Wye tunnel£ 0,80£ 0,80


◉ Is it possible to pay with ONE card or only with ESSO card?

It is possible to pay for UK Levy with your Eurowag One card, but not with your Eurowag ESSO card.