How toll works in the Czech Republic

Drive through Czech Republic with no need to top-up OBU manually
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The toll in the Czech Republic (MYTO CZ) applies to all vehicles with a
weight of over 3.5 tons. Toll amounts are not subject to VAT.

Toll is collected using an “OBU” (On-Board Unit) called Billien OBU 5051 installed in the vehicle. An OBU can be obtained by paying a CZK 2,468 deposit, which is refundable for an exchange of the vehicle. The deposit for your On-Board Unit can be paid by Eurowag ONE and VECTOR cards. Toll can be paid in a variety of methods - both pre-pay and post-pay.

The Toll system in the Czech Republic is based on the satellite technology since 1 st December 2019. This means that the toll gantries are now used
only for the enforcement. The tolling process is automatic and requires no
manual intervention or payment - all transactions are done through an On-Board Unit.

The toll in the Czech Republic may be paid in two different ways


A balance is maintained on the OBU by pre-loading it with some money. Everything you need for Pre-pay is available at the so-called “distribution points” (in most cases, these are petrol stations located on the motorway/expressway immediately prior to the beginning of a tolled segment).


Toll is paid in arrears, at regular intervals, based on actual motorway/expressway use. Registration for the Post-pay system is possible at any of 15 contact points located throughout the Czech Republic, or via Eurowag web portal.

The official website of the toll system operator in the Czech Republic is .

Toll tariffs in the Czech Republic

Rates at glance
Emission class EURO 0–II EURO III–IV EURO V


Number of axles 2 3 4+ 2 3 4+ 2 3 4+ 2 3 4+
Highways and motorways 3,34 5,70 8,24 2,82 4,81 6,97 1,83 3,13 4,52 1,67 2,85 4,12
(Friday 15-20 h) 4,24 8,10 11,76 3,58 6,87 9,94 2,33 4,46 6,46 2,12 4,05 5,88
1st class roads 1,58 2,74 3,92 1,33 2,31 3,31 0,87 1,50 2,15 0,79 1,37 1,96
(Friday 15-20 h) 2,00 3,92 5,60 1,69 3,31 4,74 1,10 2,15 3,07 1,00 1,96 2,80

* The night rates apply between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m

Please note: Higher rates continue to apply on the special toll routes (A 9 Gleinalm and Bosruck Tunnel, A 10 Tauern Tunnel, A 11 Karawanken Tunnel, S 16 Arlberg road tunnel, A 13 Brenner motorway). A higher rate (basic rate plus 25%) also applies for the A 12 on the Unterinntal route (state border at Kufstein to Knoten Innsbruck/Amras).

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On-Board Unit in the Czech Republic

An easy to use On-Board Unit that is attached to your windshield can be picked up at one of MYTO CZ contact/distribution points.
A refundable deposit of 2,468 CZK is required to be paid at the pickup. The deposit can be paid by your Eurowag ONE or VECTOR card.
Easy, quick and smart installation directly on the windshield.


◉ Is there some bonus scheme in the Czech Republic?
Yes, in case you manage the discounts by yourself. More info to be find here:
◉ I've prepaid OBUs. How can I make reimbursement of current credit from prepaid OBUs? Is there an option to get money back to company’s bank account?

If you haven't used the OBUs for a year, there is no chance to get the deposit back, including the money that he topped up to the OBUs. Czech toll provider should inform you that the OBU is expired.

In case you used the OBUs during last year, you can return them by post with cover letter in English language and with the car certificates. The deposit and the rest of the money will be returned in the same way in which it was paid.