How toll works in Spain

Drive through Spain with no need to top-up OBU manually
Hassle-free toll charge payments by bank transfer
Simple and quick registration from the comfort of your office

The toll in Spain applies to vehicles with the weight of over 3.5 tonnes and is subject to VAT. Spain offers many toll discounts and benefits. Eurowag enables you to drive on over 20 tolled motorway systems in Spain as well as simple registration process and an overview of all transactions and invoices in the customer portal available online 24/7..

Our customers benefit from an automated solution and are paying toll in Spain via an inter-operable unit from Telepass, which provides you with easy access to paying for toll in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium as well as A4 motorway in Poland.

We've gathered some of the important information on Toll in Spain for you below.

Toll tariffs in Spain

Price transit tunnels
Tunnel / category A B C D
Tunel del Cadi € 9,52 € 11,82 € 25,79 € 30,93
Tunels de Vallvidrera * € 3,31 /€ 2,94 € 4,25/€ 3,78 € 6,68/€ 5,94 € 8,84/€ 7,88

*  Division into categories is indicative only, we recommend to consult the official website.

Vehicle category for pricing transit tunnels *
Category A B C D
Vehicle Motorcycles
Passenger cars, vans up to 9 points with max.
four wheels up to 3.5t and said vehicles
with single axle trailer
Two-axle trucks and buses
with max. four wheels
The vehicle is greater than in
the previous categories

*  Division into categories is indicative only, we recommend to consult the official website.

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On-Board Unit in Spain

Interoperable OBU for heavy vehicles traveling through France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium ** and now in Italy.
Drive through Spain seamlessly with vehicle not having to stop at all at the toll gates
Easily order within your Eurowag clients portal or by getting in touch with our customer care

For more information about the Telepass OBU speak to our customer care department

**Liefkenshoektunnel (Antwerp)


◉ Is it possible to pay TELEPASS parking in Spain with Eurowag Telepass OBU for FRES+IT?

Yes, it is possible with standard Telepass OBU and also with the new Dual OBU.

◉ What vehicles are subject to toll charges?

The toll in Spain applies to vehicles with more than 3.5 tons maximum permissible weight.

◉ How can I order an on-board unit?

Via EW client zone

◉ How is an OBU installed?

The OBU should be installed on the windscreen.

◉ Does exist some discount scheme for Spanish toll?

Yes, it depends on the motorway operator.

◉ How much is the security deposit per OBU?

There is no deposit, only monthly rental fee, and personalization fee.

◉ What should I do when my OBU is not functioning?

If the customer was not blocked and the unit does not work repeatedly, it is necessary to replace the unit.

◉ Does exist some bonus scheme for FRESPT toll?

FRES toll client can choose if he wants to get discounts for FRES or not during the registration on our website. There is also some fee for getting these discounts. The amounts and period of discount payment depend on the road provider.