Toll in Spain

The toll in Spain applies to vehicles with the weight of over 3.5 tonnes and is subject to VAT. Spain offers many toll discounts and benefits. Eurowag enables you to drive on over 20 tolled motorway systems in Spain.

In Spain, toll can be paid using a TIS-PL on-board unit.

You can find the toll system website of partners featuring a range of additional information on and

Eurowag offers:

  • Over 20 Spanish toll systems under one roof;
  • Take advantage of the complex system of rebates offered by Spanish motorway operators - up to 50%;
  • A single invoice for all toll payments in Spain;
  • Advantageous toll prices across Europe;
  • Simple registration to individual toll systems and convenient EW card management;
  • Overview of all transactions and invoices in the online customer portal.

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