How toll works in Slovenia

Drive through Slovenia with no need to top-up OBU manually
Hassle-free toll charge payments by bank transfer
Simple and quick registration from the comfort of your office

Slovenia collects the toll from all vehicles on selected roads + in Karawanken Tunnel. Vehicles under 3.5 tonnes pay toll using a motorway decal (“Vinjeta”), while vehicles over 3.5 tonnes use different means of payment. Tolls in Slovenia are determined according to vehicle type and are subject to VAT.

In order to pay toll in Slovenia you will need to have a DARS GO OBU unit, which you can choose to either top-up and use in a pre-pay mode or link to your Eurowag card and pay in post-pay mode. Most of our customers prefer the post-pay mode, which can be easily activated.

With Eurowag you enjoy a simple registration process and an overview of all transactions and invoices in the customer portal available online 24/7. We've gathered some of the important information on Toll in Slovenia for you below.

Paying for toll in Slovenia with Eurowag is easy

Step One

Register to receive a DARS GO on-board unit by visiting the clients section on DARS GO official website

Step Two

Receive a DARS GO on-board unit in the post or pick it up from one of the service points

Step Three

Pop to one of DARS GO service point and link your Eurowag card with an on-board unit. The process will take less than 5 minutes


Fill in a simple form below - it will take you less than 30 seconds

Our Customer care department will get in touch with you shortly

Shortly after, your toll registration will be arranged

OBU (On-Board-Unit) in Slovenia

Easy to use on-board unit placed on the windshield of your vehicles.
A fee of EUR 10 is payable at the moment you order the unit.
Received by post to any country within European Union. For non-EU countries, please contact customer care.
A unit can be used in both pre-pay and post-pay mode.

You will need to link your Eurowag card to the on-board unit to use it in a post-pay mode. This can be done at any DARS GO service point and only takes a few minutes.

List of DARS GO service points


◉ Is it possible to migrate the OBU from one company (A) to another one (B)? In case the OBU stays in the same vehicle – with the same LPN.

The company A will have to return the OBU to DARS (DARS will block this OBU) and after that the company B will be able to order a new one (to the name of the company B).

It is possible to apply for the OBU in parallel, but at the same time, the first OBU (old one) will be blocked automatically. For one vehicle can be registered just one OBU.

If the customer will not return the OBU or will not log out the OBU out of the system, he will take a risk for abusing his OBU from the “third person” and he will take all consequences for negligence.

◉ Are there the same discounts for top-up of ABC OBU unit as of DARS card?

Yes, the discounts are same, for pre-pay mode.

◉ Is it already possible to make a registration via DarsGo web portal (e-DarsGo)?

The website is already prepared for registration. Customers can also pay administrative costs and order the DarsGo device. The website contains detailed instructions which will lead the customer through the registration process - Manual for registration into DarsGo system.

◉ Is it possible to make a complete registration directly at DarsGo service points?

Yes. You need to submit your documents containing data of the vehicle (vehicle registration certificate, certificate of the EURO emission class). If you don't provide the certificate of the EURO emission class, the vehicle will be registered as the EURO 0 emission class.

◉ How is it with Post-pay mode? Can I choose in the beginning if I want to use Pre-pay or Post-pay?

On e-DarsGo is possible to order only units in Pre-pay mode. Post-pay with connecting EW card with OBU is possible only at DarsGo service points. The driver has to have the EW card physically with him.


The customer can connect his EW card with the OBU during the 1st registration if he do the registration at DarsGo service, where the person at DarsGo service will pair off the EW card with the OBU. This process really won’t be possible via web portal.

◉ How can I acquire the DarsGo unit?

The customers will be able to acquire their DarsGo units at all DarsGo service points. The users who have an address in the European Union will also be able to acquire them via post after they have completed the registration process at e-DarsGo and paid the administrative fees.

◉ How will be handled the delivery of OBU’s?

OBU’s will be delivered to the address which the customer entered through the registration process.

◉ Where to settle the delivery address if it is different from the company billing address?

The customer can settle the delivery address in part 2 - Creating company accounts and vehicle accounts; ADDING COMPANY ACCOUNT – here is a possibility to enter the delivery address but invoice will be sent to company seat address.

◉ What should I do in case of loss/theft/damage of the OBU?

You have to visit the nearest DarsGo service point with the vehicle registration certificate for the unit which was lost/stolen etc. (responsibility of customer), and they will block the old OBU and give him a new one. It is also needed to pay the administrative cost of 20 EUR/OBU  in order to receive a new one in these cases.

◉ Is there some special address for returning the OBU?

Address: DARS, d.d., Center cestninskega sistema,  Dunajska 7, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

◉ Is it possible to change LPN for specific OBU?

No, each OBU has its own vehicle number. By changing e.g. registration number of the vehicle, the OBU must be returned to DARS. The customer must obtain a new one and make a new registration.

◉ If I still have ABC OBU unit, can it be topped up by EW card?

Yes, ABC OBU can be topped up by EW card.