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In Slovakia, all vehicles with an overall gross weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes must pay toll on selected road and motorway segments. The toll rate per 1 km depends on the vehicle’s category, number of axles as well as the emissions class of your vehicle. Toll in Slovakia is subject to VAT. The official website of the toll system operator is

With Eurowag you enjoy a simple registration process and an overview of all transactions and invoices in the customer portal available online 24/7. We've gathered some of the important information on Toll in Slovakia for you below.

The toll in Slovakia may be paid in two different ways


Prior to use, the OBU is “charged” at any of the “distribution points” (i.e. places where OBUs can be obtained), and toll amounts are deducted as they are incurred. To obtain an OBU, one must pay a EUR50 deposit. There is no option to pay the deposit by Eurowag card. ard.


Toll is paid in arrears, at regular intervals, based on actual toll amounts incurred using on-board units (OBU); Registration for the Post-pay system can be accomplished free of charge using your Eurowag customer portal as well as at several contact points in Slovakia.

Listings of distribution points and contact points along with other information may be found at the toll operator’s website:


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OBU (On-Board-Unit) in Slovakia

Easy and small box attached to your windscreen and powered by a 12v socket.
You will order an OBU's as part of your Toll Registration on our clients' web.
A refundable deposit of €50 is required for each OBU ordered.
The deposit needs to be paid at the point an OBU is picked up in cash or by bank card.


◉ How can I return the OBU?

The OBU in pre-pay mode can be returned at any distribution or contact point.

The OBU in post-pay mode can be returned at contact points only.

◉ What vehicles are exempt to toll charges?

Vehicles used by or for armed forces, ministries.

◉ How can I order an on-board unit?

Via EW client zone

◉ How is an OBU installed?

If the Contract on the Provision of the On-Board Unit is made under the Prepaid Toll mode, the On-Board Unit is issued along with the accessories for installation into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle.

If the Contract for Providing the On-Board Unit was made under the Postpaid Toll mode, fixed installation of the On-Board Unit is required according to the Toll Order.

The unit may not be mounted on tinting stripes.

◉ How is an OBU activated if it is not permanently installed in a vehicle?

OBU is simply plugged into the cigarette lighter.

◉ Does exist some discount scheme for Slovakian toll?
◉ What criteria are used to calculate the toll in Slovakia?
  • Vehicle category
  • Number of axles
  • Emission class
◉ Is there a table of the current prices?
◉ How much is the security deposit per OBU?

50 EUR. This deposit is reimbursed when the OBU is properly returned.

◉ Are checks carried out? What happens if they find a vehicle without an OBU?

Dynamic enforcement consists of searching for and stopping vehicles in respect to which there is a suspicion recorded based on information from the Central Information System and from the system for toll collection enforcement operated by the System Operator about committing a toll offense. In addition to targeted searches, the mobile units of the Toll Police also do random checks of vehicles liable to pay the toll.

With a static check, using special technical means they check the vehicles parked. The system of toll collection checking consists of, in addition to the mobile units of the Toll Police, the network of fixed and portable roadside checking gates providing for automated data collection and the selection of vehicles suspected of committing a toll offense.

If there is a vehicle without an OBU, a driver has to pay a fine.

◉ What should I do when my OBU is not functioning?

If the On-Board Unit is damaged during the journey on the Specified Road Sections, the Vehicle Driver is obliged to stop the vehicle at the nearest place, provided it is safe to do so, and report the On-Board Unit failure or damage to the System Operator using the Customer Service Line. For identification purposes, the Vehicle Driver will provide the System Operator with their first name and surname, the first name and surname or business name and name of the Vehicle Operator, vehicle registration number and approximate position of the vehicle. The System Operator will inform the Vehicle Driver about the event code and the Driver may continue driving to the nearest Contact or Distribution Point.

◉ What vehicles are subject to toll charges?

The toll in Slovakia applies to vehicles with more than 3.5 tons maximum permissible weight.

◉ How can I return the OBU?

The OBU in pre-pay mode can be returned at any distribution or contact point.

The OBU in post-pay mode can be returned at contact points only.