How toll works in Italy

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The toll in Italy applies to all vehicles on most motorways. All toll amounts distance based, calculated according to the vehicle dimensions and a number of axles, and subject to VAT. Italian toll is well known for rebates - once a year, the Italian government gives a bonus to all Viacard and Telepass users. Eurowag ensures that its customers receive this bonus in full.

With Eurowag you enjoy a simple registration process and an overview of all transactions and invoices in the customer portal available online 24/7. We've gathered some of the important information on Toll in Italy for you below.

How to pay toll in Italy with Eurowag?

The toll charges can be paid using the Viacard or the Telepass on-board unit. For each registered vehicle the customer has to order a Viacard, which can be simply inserted into the machine to open the toll barriers. Additionally, customers can also upgrade to equip their vehicles with a Telepass Italy on-board units, allowing them to pass through the toll gates without stopping the vehicle. Finally, customers can choose to use an interoperable on-board unit from Telepass, which provides them with an opportunity to pay tolls in Italy as well as France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium ** as well as A4 Motorway in Poland.

There are multiple ways to pay for toll in Italy


A simple way to pay for toll in Italy, Viacard is not assigned to particular vehicles, so drivers can exchange it with each other as they wish.
The first card is subject to an annual fee of 15.49 EUR. Each card after the first costs 3.1 EUR per year.

Telepass Italy OBU

A simple solution, Telepas OBU Italy is tied to a particular vehicle through the license plate and enables you to pass through the toll gates without stopping. There is a small monthly fee for the OBU rental.

Interoperable Telepass OBU

An interoperable OBU from the Telepass allows you to pass through Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium **, France and Polish Motorway A4. It's also the only on-board unit that allows you to pass through Italy without ordering a Viacard.

The official website of the Italian toll system operator, which provides a wide range of additional information (e.g. route look-up) is

Toll tariffs in Italy

Rates at glance
Toll rates in Italy are different depending on a motorway you choose. Each Motorway will incur a different charge dependent on the number of axles of your vehicle as
well as the entry gate selected. Below are some examples of costs of using the motorway in Italy.
Rate groupsCategory 2
(2 axles)
Category 3
(3 axles)
Category 4+
(4 axles and more)
Example -Aosta Est to Milano Viale Certosa
Distance 169 km
53.20 €70.80 €111.30 €

Example - Roma area urbana to Bologna area urbana

Distance 366 km

28.20 €37.40 €56.60 €

Example - Venezia are urbana to Napoli area urbana

Distance 732 km

58.70 €78.10 €117.80 €

The official website of the Italian toll system operator, which provides a wide range of additional information (e.g. route look-up) is


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On-board unit in Italy

We recommend our customers to use an Interoperable OBU from Telepass

Interoperable OBU for heavy vehicles traveling through France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium ** and now in Italy.
Drive through Italy seamlessly with vehicle not having to stop at all at the toll gates.
The only OBU that does not require ordering Viacards.
Easily order within your Eurowag clients portal or by getting in touch with our customer care.

For more information about the Telepass OBU speak to our customer care department,
**Tunnel of Liefkenshoek (Antwerp)


◉ If I would like to use an Interoperable OBU from Telepass do I have to order Viacard also?

No, it's not necessary.

◉ Is it possible to pay TELEPASS parking in Spain with Telepass OBU for FRES+IT?

Yes, it is possible with standard Telepass OBU and also with the new Dual OBU.

◉ Does exist some bonus scheme in Italy?

Yes. When client makes the registration into IT toll on our website he is also informed about the possibility to register for IT discounts – he needs to send to us documents, which are mentioned in the confirmation e-mail. The amount of bonus is a percentage that may change every year. Those bonuses are paid to clients once a year for transactions made 2 years ago.