Toll in Italy

The toll in Italy applies to all vehicles on most motorways. Toll amounts are calculated according to the vehicle dimensions and number of axles, and are subject to VAT.

With Eurowag, Italian tolls can be paid using:

  • Viacard (not tied to a particular vehicle; can be used throughout one’s fleet) is used to pay toll. Fee First card is subjec to an annual fee of 15.49 EUR. Each card after the first costs 3.1 EUR per year;
  • Telepass (OBU) is tied to a particular vehicle. Its biggest advantage is that it enables you to pass through the toll gate without stopping, and the possibility of faster clearance owing to paying by card. OBU rental is EUR 1.03 per month.

Once a year, the Italian government gives a bonus to all Viacard and Telepass users. Eurowag ensures that its customers receive this bonus in full.

The official website of the Italian toll system operator, which provides a wide range of additional information (e.g. route look-up) is

Eurowag offers:

  • Easy access to full bonus provided by Italian government; 
  • Advantageous toll prices across Europe;
  • Simple registration to individual toll systems and convenient EW card management;
  • Overview of all transactions and invoices in the online customer portal.

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