How toll works in Hungary (HU-GO)

Drive through Hungary with no need to top-up OBU manually
Hassle-free toll charge payments by bank transfer
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All freight vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are obligated to pay for toll in Hungary using fee-paying segments on high-speed routes and main roads. The amount of toll paid based on the distance covered depends on the type of road used, the vehicle engine category (J2, J3, J4) and its categorisation according to the emission class. Toll is recorded using one of two methods: a so-called segment ticket or the onboard unit (OBU).

The segment ticket is an appropriate solution for occasional users of Hungarian roads, as the driver has to specify the route before the journey is started. On the other hand, the OBU is highly recommended for frequent users of Hungarian roads, because it provides more flexibility, the route can be changed whenever it is needed.

Toll tariffs in Hungary

Prices highway signs in Hungary for 2018
validity/category D1 motorcycles and passenger cars (M1 cat.)
up to 3,5t and seating capacity up to 7 persons
D2 vans up to 3,5t, vehicles up to 3,5t with seating capacity
over 7 persons and vehicles not covered in D1 up to 3,5t
(N1 cat. etc)
U tailers for D2 and B2
weekly* 2 975 Ft** 5 950 Ft 13 385 Ft 2 975 Ft
monthly 4 780 Ft 9 560 Ft 21 975 Ft 4 780 Ft
annual 42 980 Ft 42 980 Ft 199 975 Ft 42 980 Ft
annual regional*** 5 000 Ft 10 000 Ft 20 000 Ft 5 000 Ft


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◉ Where to call in case of OBU malfunction?

In case of any problem, please contact AutoSecurit 0/24 call center on the following phone number:

Telephone: +36 30 933 3446

◉ For the first upload on the HU-GO website, what are the possible means of payment (before entering HU)?

The first upload can be done on the HU-GO website using your bank card or by bank transfer.

It is also possible to top up the account at the points of sale using the Eurowag card.

◉ What should be the amount for the first preload to enter the country, to be able to drive 50 km, for instance?

Approximately 4600 HUF (J4 category, 50 km on the expressway, emission class higher than EURO III). It depends on the category and emission class of the vehicle. For better idea of how it works, see the table below.

◉ Is it possible to buy a trip ticket on the HU-GO web site and pay by bank transfer for instance?

Yes, customers are able to pay the trip ticket over the Internet with a bankcard at

It is also possible to buy it at the points of sale using the Eurowag card.

◉ Will I get an alert if the HU-GO account is below a certain level of money and I could hit zero?

In order to be able to top up your balance in time, the toll service provider regularly sends information to the user about the current state of the balance. The user is able to set an amount limit specified by him/her for the account, reaching of which the system sends a notification automatically.

◉ How can I monitor their balance if they top up their account with Visa, MasterCard or Eurowag ONE card?

On HU-GO account is an option to set up an amount of money (the lowest one according to your opinion), which if you reach you will be informed by e-mail and SMS.

◉ How can I monitor transactions per truck?

There is a possibility to check the detail of the journey of the truck. In addition, there is a map with the tollgates.

◉ Can I buy the OBU with EW ONE card and what is the price on the distribution points?

Yes, you can. Prices at POS can be different as each POS has a different price list. It could be around 90 – 120 EUR more or less.

◉ Is there a minimum and maximum amount for the reload transactions at the KUPON POS?

There are fixed amounts for top-up: from 5.000HUF, 10.000HUF, 20.000HUF, 30.000HUF…to 100.000HUF

◉ What process to follow with HU-GO or Autosecurit, if I get a double payment (ticket + OBU)?

Step 1: go to->

Step 2: choose your language (important, because later you cannot switch it.)

Step 3: Click to „Contact” button

Step 4: Send email to ->

Step 5: For the identification of the claim, you should give the following information:

- OBU ID number

- Number Plate

- HU-GO account number

- The time interval for the double payment.

After this, the HU-GO site will answer and deal with the claim.

◉ What does the OBU cost cover?

The one-time price of the package includes the OBU device, the delivery to customer address and the communication fees of 24 months. There is no additional monthly cost

◉ How does it work with the first registration on the HU-GO web site? Is it complex? Does it take long?

Process is very simple; the registration takes about 5 minutes. For more info, see manual “OBU Registration Process” in the folder “Toll-Hungary”.