Toll in Germany

In Germany, toll applies to vehicle over 7,5 on motorways and expressways, and is not subject to VAT. In Germany, toll is collected using a combination of satellite localization and modern mobile communication technologies.

The toll system operator – Toll Collect – provides following ways to pay toll:

  • automatically via an On-Board Unit (OBU) installed in-vehicle;
  • by using EW card – MV (Manuelle Verfahren) - single toll purchase


Billing methods for single toll purchases:

a) The terminal: through manual billing at one of the fee terminals;

b) On-line: manually through the Toll Collect web portal.

The system operator's official website can be found at


Eurowag offers:

  • advantageous toll prices across Europe
  • simple registration to individual toll systems and convenient EW card management
  • overview of all transactions and invoices in the online customer portal

For more information, please contact our Customer Care Department (; +420 233 555 111).

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