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Toll in Austria applies to vehicles with a weight of over 3.5 tonnes and is subject to VAT. Austria’s toll collection system enables continuous traffic – vehicles do not have to stop or choose a different lane. Austria collects the toll by means of on-board units called “GO-Boxes” and toll gates. When a vehicle passes under a toll gate, the GO-Box communicates with the toll gate electronically, using microwave technology.

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The toll in Austria may be paid in two different ways


A balance is maintained on the GO-Box by “charging” it (minimum charge is 75 Euros, maximum charge 500 Euros), and toll amounts are debited as they are incurred.


Toll is paid in arrears at regular intervals, based on actual motorway/expressway use.

The official website of the toll system operator is

Toll tariffs in Austria

EURO emission class/drive type Category 2

2 axles

Category 3

3 axles

Category 4+

4 axles and more

Day Night* Day Night* Day Night*
Drive type E/H2 0,18550 0,18590 0,26033 0,26125 0,39011 0,39127
EURO emission class EURO VI 0,18820 0,18860 0,26411 0,26503 0,39443 0,39559
EURO emission classes EURO V and EEV 0,20240 0,20280 0,28399 0,28491 0,41875 0,41991
EURO emission class EURO IV 0,20870 0,20910 0,29281 0,29373 0,42883 0,42999
EURO emission classes EURO 0 to III 0,22870 0,22910 0,32081 0,32173 0,46083 0,46199

Rates in EUR per km, excl. 20 % VAT.

Drive type E/H2 covers purely electric drives and hydrogen fuel cell drives.

* The night rates apply between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

* The night rates apply between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m

Please note: Higher rates continue to apply on the special toll routes (A 9 Gleinalm and Bosruck Tunnel, A 10 Tauern Tunnel, A 11 Karawanken Tunnel, S 16 Arlberg road tunnel, A 13 Brenner motorway). A higher rate (basic rate plus 25%) also applies for the A 12 on the Unterinntal route (state border at Kufstein to Knoten Innsbruck/Amras).


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OBU (On-Board-Unit) in Austria

GO-Box is a solution for an electronic toll payment in Austria.
Your go-box can be picked up at one of ASFINAG service points. There is no deposit, there is just a customization fee 5,- EUR charged per OBU.
Easy installation on the windshield” (There is plug into the 12V socket).

An On-Board Unit is required irrespectively of whether you choose to pre-pay or post-pay the toll. Your Go-Box must be placed on your windshield and used at all times while driving in Austria.

Check out the list of service points


◉ What vehicles are subject to toll charges?

The toll in Austria applies to vehicles with more than 3.5 tons maximum permissible weight.

◉ What should I do when my OBU is not functioning?

The problems with functioning of the units have to be reported immediately at the closest GO-point, otherwise the drivers run the risk of relatively high fines (approximately 200 EUR).

◉ How much is the security deposit per OBU?

There is no deposit, only customization fee 5,- EUR.

◉ Is there a table of the current prices?
◉ What criteria are used to calculate the toll in Austria?
  • Distance
  • Number of axles
  • EURO emission class
◉ Does exist some discount scheme for Austrian toll?

Yes, in order to talk about potential discount schemes for Austrian Toll please contact your sales manager, or fill in the form above.

◉ How is an OBU installed?

Use the self-adhesive Velcro strips (enclosed in the original packaging).
Ensure the control key is facing towards the vehicle’s interior.
Where to place the GO-Box:

  • between the center of the vehicle and the center of the steering wheel,
  • at least 10 cm above the windshield wiper at rest, and
  • at least 30 cm below the top edge of the windshield.

Make sure there are no objects (e.g. name badges, sun visors) within a radius of 10 cm from where the device is mounted.
The unit may not be mounted on tinting stripes.

◉ How can I order an on-board unit?

The customers pick up the units at the Austrian GO-points. The EW Easy customers receive a voucher for picking up the unit approximately one week after submitting the registration .csv file to Asfinag, other customers can pick up the unit after submitting the EW card.

◉ How can I return the OBU?

The customers return the GO-boxes at the Austrian GO-points.