Toll in Austria

The toll in Austria applies to vehicles with a weight of over 3.5 tonnes and is subject to VAT. Austria’s toll collection system enables continuous traffic  – vehicles do not have to stop or choose a different lane.

Austria collects the toll by means of on-board units called “GO-Boxes” and toll gates. When a vehicle passes under a toll gate, the GO-Box communicates with the toll gate electronically, using microwave technology.

The toll in Austria may be paid in two different ways:

  • Post-pay - toll is paid in arrears at regular intervals, based on actual motorway/expressway use;
  • Pre-pay - a balance is maintained on the GO-Box by “charging” it (minimum charge is 75 Euros, maximum charge 500 Euros), and toll amounts are debited as they are incurred.

The official website of the toll system operator is

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