Toll charge in Switzerland

LSVA road tax (Swiss Heavy Vehicles Fee) applies to all heavy vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and relates to all motorways and state roads in Switzerland.

The amount of tax is deduced from the maximum weight of the vehicle, the number of clocked up kilometres and the emission class.
It is a tax, and thus is not subject of VAT.

Road tax in Switzerland with Eurowag - How does this kind of "toll" payment work?

  • On entering Switzerland by car for the first time, each driver receives an identification card from customs. This card may be used repeatedly, also during subsequent visits.
  • The driver enters the actual status of the tachometer (and other information) immediately on entering Switzerland by car at the special terminals at customs. He subsequently authorises the payment using the Eurowag card and receives two copies of the document with the data entered.
  • On leaving Switzerland, the document is completed once again entering the respective status on the tachometer, and possibly other information. The driver signs the document and submits one copy to exit customs.

Eurowag offers:

  • Advantageous toll prices across Europe;
  • Simple registration to individual toll systems and convenient EW card management;
  • Overview of all transactions and invoices in the online customer portal.

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