How toll works in Fréjus and Mont Blanc tunnels

Drive through Frejus and Mont Blanc tunnels with no need to top-up OBU manually
Hassle-free toll charge payments by bank transfer
Simple and quick registration from the comfort of your office

The Fréjus (12,8 km) and Mont Blanc (11,6 km) tunnels that link France and Italy. Fréjus - from the French side to the mouth of the A43 motorway tunnel (Maurienne motorway) from Lyon, the A32 on the Italian side leading from Turin.  Mont Blanc - from the French side to the mouth of the A40 tunnel, the A5 on the Italian side.

Eurowag makes it possible to pay for toll at both tunnels, but only for vehicles over 3.5 t, with two and more axles and 3 meters or more in height. To pass through both tunnels you will need a special Frejus - MontBlanc card, which our partner delivers to your door free of charge. With Eurowag you also enjoy a simple registration process and an overview of all transactions and invoices in the customer portal available online 24/7.

Find more information on the official partner's toll system websites: and



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Frejus - Mont Blanc Card

The Fréjus – Mont Blanc card free of charge and Annual bonus - 13 %.
Single fee for both tunnels irrespective of the direction of a thoroughfare.
Standard time of Fréjus card delivery is 15 working days, the partner distributes the cards directly to the customers (without a charge).

Please note: Vehicles with EURO 0 emissions class are forbidden to enter both tunnels. Vehicles with EURO 1 and EURO 2 emissions class as well as ADR vehicles are forbidden to enter the Mont-Blanc tunnel.


◉ What is the discount for WAG customers in Fréjus and Mont Blanc tunnels?

WAG guarantees to pay 13 % from all transactions (Fréjus + Mont Blanc tunnel) to each customer once a year (it should be paid in January). This is the maximum bonus possible