Eurovignette is a common toll collection system in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, and Sweden.

When using the motorways and motor vehicle roads in these countries, payment for Eurovignette fee is necessary – also in case a vehicle only transits in any of these countries.

The Eurovignette system is fully electronic – the vehicle is recorded in the database for the duration of the selected period. There is no need to retain a copy of the receipt you received at the sales point or the one printed after purchasing online.

The toll payments apply only to vehicles over weight of 12 tons. Time validity of the vignette is restricted – for one day, week, month or year.

Eurowag offers:

  • Comfortable wire transfer for the vignettes using the Eurowag cards:
  • Advantageous toll prices across Europe;
  • Overview of all transactions and invoices in the online customer portal.

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Why Eurowag?

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