Standard VAT refund

Eurowag can arrange for value added tax (VAT) refunds in all European Union countries. With a standard refund, you will receive your money after the relevant tax paperwork has been processed by the tax authority. Eurowag has the necessary facilities and our experienced staff are ready to handle the process on your behalf. Our services in this area are truly professional and, most importantly, your request will be processed quickly.

Standard VAT refund – you’ll have everything under control

Thanks to our state-of-the-art electronic reporting, you will be able to monitor the status of your request: all you need to do is sign into your user account where you can monitor the entire refunding process including the estimated date about when the money should appear on your account. Arranging for a standard VAT refund is a relatively demanding and drawn-out process – with us, you can leave the paperwork to professionals.

Standard VAT refund – we prefer speed

One of the key advantages of utilizing Eurowag’s professional services for your standard VAT refund is a significantly reduced time to receipt of your VAT refund. In practice, it can take anywhere from three weeks up to several months, depending on the jurisdiction. As such funds from the refunded tax should quickly become part of your company’s assets and have a positive impact on your cash-flow.

The whole system places emphasis, above all, on the speed of the bureaucratic process, enabling timeframes for pay-outs to be reduced by up to one whole month per quarter. Aside from these benefits, VAT amounts due to you serve as collateral increasing your credit limit for purchasing fuel and paying tolls.

Eurowag’s standard VAT refund service brings truly fast VAT refunds within your reach in all countries of the European Union. If you want to have your expenses under control, take advantage of our standard tax refund system.

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