Excise tax refunds – get your money back!

Excise tax refunds are a significant and often neglected potential source of income. Eurowag can deal with the red tape on your behalf, in all countries that provide partial or full excise tax refunds.

Get fuel costs down to the bare minimum

An excise tax refund represents a substantial reduction in your fuel expenses – you can save up to €200, net of VAT, per fill-up. Excise tax refunds can be applied for in the following countries: France, Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Romania and Spain.

You can find the excise duty rates for individual countries here:

Excise Duty Rates PDF | 381 KB

Refunds on excise tax fluctuate at around 18 eurocents per litre. However, it is good to be aware that in certain cases, the options for refunding excise tax are restricted according to the quantity of litres consumed over a specific timeframe, registration in the given country for refunding consumer tax or use of fuel cards for vehicles over 7.5 t issued to a specific licence plate.

We will keep you posted throughout the entire process of handling your request, and let you know in advance as soon as we know the date when the refund money will be transferred to your account.

So, if you are looking for additional reliable ways to save on your costs, act now - request an excise tax refund today.

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