Tax refunds – accelerate your cash flow

Eurowag offers a highly transparent and fast tax refund system, enabling you to recover a substantial portion of amounts spent by you for fuel and other transportation-related purchases.

Eurowag offers three basic types of tax refunds:

  • NET Invoicing (or financed VAT refunds)
  • Standard VAT refunds
  • Excise tax refunds

Benefits of Eurowag tax refunds

NET Invoicing

The NET Invoicing allows you to receive your VAT almost immediately. In other words – you don’t need to wait for the money to be sent to you from the respective financial authority – Eurowag takes on board financing VAT, done already on issuing the invoice.

Standard VAT refunds

Standard refunds allow you to get VAT back at the lowest cost to you. The refund amount is paid directly to you by the tax authority upon processing your tax return, which can take anywhere from three weeks to several months, depending on the country. With Eurowag, your VAT refund works for you even before you receive it, since it also serve as a guarantee for the credit limit we extend to you for financing your fuel and toll payments.

Excise tax refunds

Refund of excise taxes allows you to recover a part of the excise tax you have paid in selected European countries. This refund can amount to as much as 13 cents a litre!

Tax refunds from Eurowag – speed and transparency      

A transparent online reporting system allows you to monitor the processing status of your VAT refund application. Knowledge of the date on which your VAT refund will be credited to your account will enable you to better plan your cash flow.

The actual tax refund process is very complicated – but Eurowag will handle all the particulars for you and will send the money to you in the shortest time possible. With Eurowag, VAT will no longer be about unpleasant paperwork, but instead will become a way of to significantly lower your administration workload and improve your cash flow.

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