Eurowag acceptance network – fuelling

The term “acceptance network” refers to our network of in-house and cooperating petrol stations (e.g. networks Esso and Lotos in Poland, and EuroOil in the Czech Republic etc.), where you can use your Eurowag card. The acceptance network covers 25 countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, etc.).

The Eurowag acceptance network consists of carefully selected petrol stations that meet the requirements of international truck transport. You can therefore generally find our stations on the main road routes.

Low fuel prices

Thanks to the concentration of quantities, actual fuel deliveries for individual stations and the precise targeting, the Acceptance Network offers this unique set of benefits:

  • High-quality fuel
  • Very low prices across the European Union
  • On-line authorization of every transaction ensures a high degree of security and control

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