Eurowag Fuels – a unique combination of quality and low prices

You may fill up with highly quality fuel almost throughout the whole of Europe at consistently favourable rates.

With Eurowag you will get:

  • Options to refuel at the extensive Eurowag acceptance network comprising thousands of fuel stations throughout Europe.
  • Highly competitive fuel prices.
  • Adblue and bio diesel at the majority of fuel stations.
  • Option of setting up quantity limits for each vehicle as the best method to prevent card abuse.
  • Non-stop over-the-phone support for your drivers.

The specifics of the key network:

  • The principle of a contractual price (irrespective of the price indicated on the totem).
  • Prices are known in advance.
  • No hidden fees. Your invoice will correspond directly to the prices offered.

Eurowag – for lower costs in road transport

Fuel expenses assume up to 40 % of overall costs for each transport company. The Eurowag system is based on a network of select fuel stations strategically positioned on transit corridors. The whole system guarantees consistently low fuel costs and a transparent system of invoicing. Aside from this, you will be able to see an overview of payments carried out including information about where and when vehicles were filled with fuel.

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Where can you refuel using the Eurowag cards?

The European acceptance network offers high quality and second-to-none diesel, bio-diesel and AdBlue prices. We have carefully selected the network of petrol stations and truck parts on the European arterial roads that offer fuel for attractive prices.
The size of the acceptance network differs according to the card used. You can find the main difference here.

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Eurowag has a solution for everyone

We offer three Eurowag card options, both of which are tailored to your business.

Solution for large and medium-sized transport companies

The ideal solution for these companies is the Eurowag One fuel card.

More about eurowag one

Solution for freight forwarders

The Eurowag Vector card is our product especially designed for freight forwarders and their transport subcontractors.

more about eurowag vector

Solution for smaller-sized carriers

The Eurowag Easy card has been designed specifically with smaller carriers and company vehicles in mind.

more about eurowag easy