Eurowag cards – expenses under control

Eurowag cards are an effective tool for stabilizing your cash flow. All expenses related to fuelling and toll payments will be under your control.

The Eurowag One card is intended for mid to large-sized transport companies, the Eurowag Vector card for haulage companies and specially designed for smaller-sized carriers, there is the Eurowag Easy.

Why use Eurowag cards?

Eurowag fuel cards provide enable you to pay for fuel, tolls and other associated services in many European countries within an extensive acceptance network. Moreover, you gain access to a transparent VAT/excise tax refunds system.


Payment for fuel

You may fill up with highly quality fuel almost throughout the whole of Europe at consistently favourable rates.

Moreover, you get the following with Eurowag:

  • Option of setting up quantity limits for each vehicle, as the best tool to prevent misuse
  • 24/7 phone support for your drivers
  • AdBlue and biodiesel at most fuel stations

More information on using Eurowag cards to pay for fuel


Toll payment

Thanks to our extensive investments, Eurowag offers a unified system of electronic toll payment on a number of European motorways and expressways. The entire system is based on our primary aim of ensuring that you pay the lowest tolls possible; we can do this because our rates are the lowest in the market and we give you full access to toll discount programmes offered in a number of European countries.

Our system gives you with the following advantages:

  • Best rates in the market
  • Comprehensive coverage of European toll systems
  • On-line registration of vehicles eliminates paperwork
  • Automatic notification on savings options

More information on using Eurowag cards to pay toll


Tax refunds

Eurowag boasts one of the fastest and most transparent and tax refund systems, which will enable you to reclaim a considerable portion of your fuel and other transport-related expenses.

We offer the following three basic tax refund options:

  • NET Invoicing (or financed VAT refunds)
  • Standard VAT refunds
  • Excise tax refunds

More information on tax refunds


Washing and parking made easy

You can also use Eurowag cards to pay at selected car washes and parking sites including the Eurowag truck parks.

Truckparks offer you the following:

  • High-capacity fuelling of diesel fuel and biodiesel
  • AdBlue from delivery nozzle as a standard
  • Place for rest and recuperation
  • Buffet with a wide range of hot meals, beverages and other goods

More information on vehicles washing and parking

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