Net Invoicing

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  • Minimal amount for submission: quarterly application 400 EUR of VAT / yearly application 50 EUR of VAT (or equivalent in local currency)

  • Companies whose business activity is bus transport or companies with their domicile outside of the EU can only request VAT refunds from a select number of countries. For non-EU clients, minimal refundable amounts and other conditions may be different. We are happy to provide more information if you are interested.

  • This calculator does not include the service fee for VAT refund services or any other fees connected with refunds.

Receive your tax refund immediately

Net invoicing, or financed refunds, is the fastest way to get funds from the VAT you pay on fuel, tolls, passenger transport, or freight haulage services. No need to wait financial authorities to process your refund – Eurowag gets your funds to you right away.

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