Advanced Payment

The fastest way to get your excise duty refunds. A fully automated process for financing your excise duty refund amounts.

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Third-party invoice financing

Fully automated process

Instant pay outs

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Advanced Payment is the fastest way to get funds from your excise duty refund for fuel purchased for your trucks or busses. Funds are available immediately after the submission of your excise duty refund claim. No need to wait for the money to be sent by Customs. Advanced payment service is now available for Belgium, France, Hungary, Spain, and Slovenia.

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  • To simplify calculations, the calculator always uses the latest valid excise duty rate. Historical rates are not taken into consideration. The calculation is approximate, the actual amount can vary due to changes in the excise duty rate.

  • Excise duty refunds are only possible for companies with their domicile in the EU.

  • This calculator does not include the excise duty refund service fee or any other fees connected with the refund.

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