Activate your telematics device

You’re just one step away from getting all the benefits of the Vectronics 845

How to get started


Install the new unit in your vehicle


Register your vehicle on the Eurowag site


Sign in to our telematics system after you get confirmation of your registration

Hassle-free installation

Thank you for choosing our solution to track your vehicles. The Vectronics 845 has been designed for easy use and easy transfer from one vehicle to another. Simply connect it to the OBD/FMS connecter, supplying it with power, and you can read information from the vehicle bus.

Once you’ve connected the device, it starts sending recorded GPS data to the Webdispecink system over the air via a built-in SIM card. At that point, your device is activated, and you will be charged according to the conditions in your contract. For full use of the service, you need to do one last thing: register the device.


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