Alternative Fuels

Do you already use alternative fuel vehicles, or are you considering adding them to your fleet? We are ready to help as a provider of alternative fuels and a solutions advisor.

Alternative Fuels

Our approach

Flexibility and convenience

As multi-fuel provider, using our EW card we offer you maximum flexibility and convenience for powering your fleet, no matter the powertrain. We provide LNG, CNG, and Bio-fuels today and will be ready to serve you with Hydrogen and eFuels in the future.

Reliable fuel advisory

As alternative fuel advisor, we provide expert assistance when transitioning parts of your fleet to alternative fuels. Work with us to lower your operational cost, successfully restructure your fleet and stay up-to-date with the cutting-edge of market information.


We will service and guide you at any stage of your journey towards clean and cost-efficient transportation.

Benefits of LNG and CNG


  • Up to 10% lower fuel consumption compared to diesel vehicles, depending on the type of operation.
  • Reduce expenses via access to governmental subsidies, toll exemptions, tax reductions and more
  • Get more possibilities thanks to no night- or city- driving bans for LNG and CNG vehicles

Environmentally friendly

  • Lower CO2 emission by 20% (and up to 95% when using Bio-LNG or Bio-CNG) when compared to diesel
  • Significant reduction of harmful emissions such as SOx, NOx and particulate matter
  • No soil or water contamination from fuel leakage

Better driving experience

  • 50% less noise compared to diesel trucks
  • Up to 1,600 KM driving range with and LNG truck
  • Comparable refueling time to diesel trucks

Growing acceptance network

  • We are ready to serve you with LNG & CNG stations currently in 12 European countries - new stations are added almost daily!
  • See currently available LNG and CNG stations
  • Or download the EW app for the most up-to-date information
  • Stations planned for 2022: over 500 LNG & CNG stations


Why transition to LNG or CNG?

LNG and CNG offer many benefits over traditional fuels. Trucks running on LNG or CNG can have a lower total cost of ownership due to government support in the form of subsidies or toll exemptions. These fuel types also offer substantial environmental benefits. LNG and CNG trucks produce much less noise, allowing LNG and CNG trucks to operate in places where traditional vehicles cannot. They produce far less particulate emissions and have a significantly lower impact on the air quality where they operate.

Are LNG and CNG vehicles available now?

Yes. Most major truck manufacturers offer LNG and CNG vehicles. The initial cost tends to be higher than a traditional diesel vehicle, but the lifetime cost of vehicle ownership can be lower. EW can assist you in choosing the right alternative fuel vehicles for your fleet.

How difficult is it to find alternative fuel stations?

It depends on which type of alternative fuel you need. LNG and CNG stations are increasing, and there is already wide European coverage available. Thanks to government incentives and changing market demand, we expect the number of alternative fuel stations to increase in the near future.

Can I buy alternative fuels with my EW fuel card?

Yes. See our acceptance network for available stations.

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