Fuel card Eurowag One

Užívejte si své bezstarostné jízdy a jednoduše tankujte s palivovou kartou Eurowag v naší široké akceptační síti v ČR i po celé Evropě.

Fuel card Eurowag One

How fuel card works?

Fuel cards are an ideal way to control the costs associated with refuelling. You'll get a full control of fuel transactions, prevention of fuel fraud, simple invoicing & user-friendly client portal. We can provide you with the convenient VAT & Excise duty refund processing.

Other benefits of the fuel card:

  • Competitive fuel prices across Europe
  • No transaction fees
  • Wide acceptance network with more than 15,000 gas stations
  • Secure cashless payment (Fuel guard card locking system and geolocation)
  • Simple invoicing, full control & user friendly client portal
  • Route planning with Eurowag app
  • Possibility to use toll, financial, tax services and other partner services

Get your fuel card easily online

Because we always try to make life as easy as possible for our customers.
Prepare your ID, phone number, VAT number and set up online account in minutes.
Prepare your ID, phone number, VAT number and set up online account in minutes.
Choose how many card you need for your company.
Choose how many card you need for your company.
Receive you new fuel cards within 14 days.
Receive you new fuel cards within 14 days.
Get the best value for money every time you fuel up!
Get the best value for money every time you fuel up!

Join our family of 15 000+ clients

Our customers are like you. They are mostly from the logistics and cargo industry, but they also
run buses, delivery trucks, agricultural, utility, communal, construction and other types of vehicles. Each of
them knows they can count on us and that together we go far.

Everything you need on your journey

Explore all the opportunities of Eurowag services and drive your business. Enjoy tons of benefits for your company and your drivers.
**Competitive prices** on high quality fuel
Competitive prices on high quality fuel
**Cash-free payments** in any currency
Cash-free payments in any currency
**Wide acceptance network** in approximately 30 countries
Wide acceptance network in approximately 30 countries
**23 conveniently located** Eurowag Truck Parks
23 conveniently located Eurowag Truck Parks
**Secure payment system** with an SMS lock
Secure payment system with an SMS lock
**User-friendly **client portal
User-friendly client portal
**Cashless toll payments **across Europe
Cashless toll payments across Europe
**No hidden fees**
No hidden fees

Frequently asked questions

How much does a fuel card with Eurowag cost?

The first order is completely free of charge! The pricelist for additional orders and invoicing periods.

I already have a fuel card from a different company. Why do I need a Eurowag fuel card?

Eurowag fuel cards give you access to exclusive benefits only available to Eurowag customers.
You will get access to a wide acceptance network and Eurowag Truck Parks, which areconveniently located next to major border crossings.

Where are Eurowag cards accepted?

Eurowag cards are accepted at all Eurowag truck parks and fuel stations in the Eurowag acceptance network. See the acceptance network.

Can Eurowag cards be used for toll payments?

Eurowag cards can be used to make certain toll payments in 26 countries, including some
vignettes. See more information on dedicated toll page, or contact us for details.

When can I expect fuel cards to arrive?

You’ll receive fuel cards to your company address within 14 days.

Is the Eurowag One card a good solution for my business?

Eurowag One is an integrated payment solution for large and mid-sized transport companies. It is a modern payment solution that removes the need for giving cash to your drivers. EW One gives you an overview of all transactions made with the card, increasing transparency and accountability.

What is the maximum credit limit for the EW One card?

The credit limit is set individually for each client, based on an analysis of your business. Factors that go into setting the credit limit include your operational needs, available collateral, and the financial situation of your business.

Does the Eurowag One card give discounts on fuel and tolls?

Definitely. The EW One card gives you access to our strong positions in the fuel and toll services markets. We can give you competitive fuels prices and toll discounts where possible, thanks to our network of partners.

What if I still have any question or need some help?

Eurowag customers are provided with customer support from local field offices. Our customer supports speak your language. Don't hesitate to contact us.