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eMobility Consulting

Who will benefit from this product?

Charge points operators
Charge points operators
Charging network developers
Charging network developers
Consultancy services
Consultancy services

Charging location analysis

Are you building a new charging station? We provide a complex analysis that looks at multiple factors, including traffic and parking data, population indices, land use, competitive analysis, and other key data in order to prepare in-depth findings tailored to your needs. A simple and interactive report shows you the best potential charging locations for your network at a city, district, regional, and country-wide level.

What you can expect?

Data available worldwide. Potential charging location evaluation based on​:

  • Traffic data
  • Parking data
  • eMobility market data
  • Demography data
  • Commercial density data, and additional data where applicable

Fleet advisory

Fleet operators considering electrifying part or all of their fleet have a lot of decisions to make. Which vehicles should be replaced? What charging infrastructure is required? What else should be considered?

Fleet advisory consultancy takes a holistic look at your current fleet usage, providing a quantified analysis of your current utilization of internal combustion vehicles. This analysis shows which vehicles are suitable for replacement by electric vehicles.

Factors considered in the analysis include:

  • Average fleet mileage
  • Daily trip distance
  • Charging possibilities
  • Fuel costs
  • And many more

Your report will include a full overview of potential CO2 and cost savings gained by electrifying your fleet, enabling you to make an informed and cost-effective decision.

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Get a free consultation

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