Good value for money - you know your price in advance

Full cost transparency - No hidden fees and surcharges

Acceptance at over 11000 fuel stations across Europe

Just a few reasons to choose Eurowag

With Eurowag One you can be rest assured your trucks are running smoothly while you keep all control over the fuel. A post paid, cash free and uniquely secure payment solution designed specifically for large and mid-sized transport companies,
Eurowag One brings you a set of unique benefits which you can enjoy on the road.
Competitive fuel prices generating savings for transport companies, with fuel prices always known in advance
No hidden fees and surcharges for our services and an easy-to-read invoice
Piece of mind and added security with a unique SMS locking system
Fuel at over 11,000 stations across the whole of Europe and neighbouring countries
Get 24/7 customer support in your language
Video on demand for each transaction at the Eurowag Truckpark

Just a few selected partners accepting Eurowag cards:

Join over 11,000 customers who grow their business with Eurowag

We are the fastest growing integrated mobility solutions provider in Europe. Take a look at what our customers say about us and how we've helped their business to grow:

"The strengths of Eurowag are speed, adaptability and flexibility in responses to individual customer needs."


General Manager of BT Transport

"I appreciate reasonable prices, getting online data from refuelling of our trucks and responsive approach of people from Eurowag in understanding of haulier's needs."


Chairman of the Board of Directors at Nicotrans

"The main benefits of cooperation with Eurowag include favourable price level and highly flexible communication. Cooperation with Eurowag brings us considerable cost savings."


Logistic Manager at Kaniza Sprint


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◉ Where can I use EW One card?

You can use EW One card within the acceptance network of more than 10,000 filling stations throughout Europe. Moreover you also can pay TIR washes and parking sites with EW One card.

◉ Is it safe to use a fuel card?

Yes, it is much safer than to give cash to truck drivers. We have developed a sophisticated system which protects cards from unauthorized handling. You can set limits for refueling, authorize payments or block them online and identify suspicious transactions. All of this provide you the maximum level of security.

◉ I already have a fuel card with one of your competitors. Why do I need an EW One card?

Multiple reasons include better coverage, more advantageous fuel prices, and better payment terms. If already have a payment card from one of our competitors - why not put us to the test and see if we can help you optimise your costs and create better value for your business.

◉ Is an EW One card a good solution for my business?

The EW One card has been designed as an integrated payment solution for large and mid-sized transport companies. It is a modern payment solution and it enables you to get rid of cash given to truck drivers. In the same time, you will have a thorough knowledge of all transactions done with EW One card.

◉ What is the maximum credit limit I can get?
Credit limit is set to reflect client´s need for flawless operations, however each individual client undergoes an analysis and scoring. Final credit limit is individual, and depends on financial health of the client, operational needs and on available collaterals.
◉ Is it cheaper to pay with EW One card for fuel and toll than if I pay in cash?

Definitely. With EW One card you will benefit from our strong position on the fuel as well as toll service market. We can offer you much advantageous fuel prices than you are able to arrange by yourself. We are also a direct partner for toll operators throughout Europe and this qualifies you to access as much toll discount schemes as available in a number of European countries.

◉ What happens if I lose my EW One card?

In this case, please contact our Customer Care as soon as possible. We will block your card immediately and try to find the best alternative for you

◉ How do you decide the credit limit for my company?

The credit assessment consist of financial analysis of recent results and development, as well as business analysis and verification of available databases.

◉ How do I apply for an EW One card?

Just fill in the form and we will contact you afterwards.

◉ How does EW One card work?

EW One card works as an usual fuel card. You pay for fuel by EW One card and when your billing period ends you receive an invoice for all transactions happened during the period.

◉ For which countries do you offer toll service?

We could provide you toll service in total of 20 European countries. You find the current overview of these countries in the Toll section.