Why use Eurowag fuel cards?

Together, fuel and tolls represent a significant portion of total operational costs in the road transport industry, and there is constant downward pressure on profit margins. Our aim is to give you maximum protection while helping you keep your operating costs as low as possible.

Thanks to our investments in the most advanced technologies, now you can benefit from the following extraordinary features of Eurowag cards:


  • Cash-free payment for fuel and tolls in almost all European countries.
  • VAT and excise tax refunds.
  • Register for all toll systems on-line, from the comfort of your office, without unnecessary paperwork.


  • On-line verification of transactions throughout the entire European network.
  • Blacklisting of stolen cards by the customer via; card is blocked within 30 minutes.
  • Prevention of suspicious transactions to ensure maximum protection against misuse.

Complete control

  • Information about Diesel, biodiesel and AdBlue prices.
  • Fully electronic reporting of toll transactions.
  • E-invoicing quickens receipt of tax documents and gives you better control over your transactions.

Eurowag One

The largest transport companies in Central Europe utilise a professional solution for payment of fuel, toll charges and accompanying services from Eurowag.

  • Network solution customised for you
  • An assigned business representative
  • Maximum safety and user comfort

Who is the One card aimed at?

For mid and large-sized transport companies.

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Eurowag Vector

Eurowag Vector is a tool used to pay for fuel, toll charges and accompanying services for hauliers and their contractual carriers.

  • Commission from fuel and toll charge transactions
  • Intensifying of the link between you and carriers
  • On-line monitoring of financial balance and automatic blocking of carriers

Who is the Vector card aimed at?

For hauliers.

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Eurowag Easy

Looking for a favourable fuel card not just for large carriers? The unique pre-paid Eurowag Easy card will prove the opposite to be the case! The Easty card will offer you:

  • Ease of use, safety and significant cost savings
  • No necessity for a bank guarantee
  • Transparent reporting 

Who is the Easy card aimed at?

For smaller carriers and companies with fleets of delivery and personal vehicles.

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