EW card security

To ensure maximum security of your Eurowag fuel cards, we’ve developed a sophisticated system which protects your card from unauthorised handling. The Eurowag cards come with the following functions to ensure security:

  • PIN
  • Setting limits for refuelling
  • Online authorisation
  • Identification of suspicious transactions
  • Online blocking
  • EW cardlocking system


The four-digit personal identification number ensures maximum protection against unauthorised transactions from a stranger. 

Setting limits for refuelling

To enhance checks on expenses, Eurowag cards provide you with the chance to check volume limits for refuelling for a selected timeframe. 

Online authorisations

Each transaction with a Eurowag card is verified online at the Eurowag authorisation centre. For this reason, the set volume limits for individual cards cannot be exceeded while at the same time blocked cards cannot be used. 

Identifying suspicious transactions 

Apart from standard volume limits per card, it is possible to set additional card security parameters with the aim of identifying suspicious transactions. Should these parameters be exceeded, the customer will be notified by e-mail and it is then purely up to him/her to decide whether to block the given card or not. 

Online blocking

Should a card be lost or stolen, the customer may use the option of online blocking. EW cards are blocked immediately after confirming the request in the web application.  

EW card locking system

Unique tool for preventing fuel card abuse. Cards classified in this system are “locked” by default and may not be used for refuelling, car washes or car parking until the authorised person unlocks them via SMS. The card is automatically relocked after 30 minutes.

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Where can I use Eurowag cards?

Fuel stations

Eurowag cards are accepted at thousands of fuel stations throughout Europe.


Toll systems

Thanks to its extensive investments, Eurowag offers a unified method for paying tolls electronically on a large number of European motorways and expressways.

Why Eurowag?

Everything that you need to know about Eurowag cards

The company’s General Manager Martin Vohánka explains the main benefits of Eurowag cards.

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Eurowag has a solution for everyone

We offer three Eurowag card options, both of which are tailored to your business.

Solution for large and medium transport companies

The ideal solution for companies in this class is Eurowag One.

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Solution for freight haulers

We have designed a unique product specially for freight forwarders and their transport subcontractors - the Eurowag Vector card.

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Solution for smaller-sized carriers

The Eurowag Easy card has been designed specifically with smaller carriers and company vehicles in mind.

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