Eurowag Easy fuel card

The Eurowag Easy card is intended for smaller transport companies and companies with fleets of delivery and personal vehicles. Eurowag Easy allows you to:

  • Make a non-cash transaction for fuel at highly competitive rates 
  • Simple registration and toll charge payments 
  • Automatic checking over consumption on vehicles and transparent reporting ensuring effortless accounting

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Further benefits to the Eurowag Easy card

  • No bank guarantee is required.
  • Receive access to your own web interface where you will find information relating to your current fuel prices in Europe, vehicle consumption and invoicing.
  • You may use the Eurowag Easy card for filling your vehicle with fuel or for paying toll charges, or alternatively as a combination of:
    • Payment for fuel - continuously top up your card with credit which you can subsequently use for fuel. The level of the top-up amount is up to you alone.
    • Payment for a toll charge - in this case you pay for the toll charge amount you have clocked up based on an invoice. To ensure your commitment to paying, it is however necessary to put down a financial deposit as a guarantee.

What does Eurowag Easy offer?

The Eurowag Easy fuel card enables you to pay for fuel, tolls and other associated services in many European countries within a wide acceptance network.


Washing and parking made easy

You can also use Eurowag cards to pay at selected car washes and parking sites including the Eurowag truck parks.

More information on Eurowag truck parks


Toll payment

Our aim is to ensure the lowest tolls for you – thanks to the best rates in the market and full access to toll discount schemes available in a number of European countries.

More information on using Eurowag cards to pay tolls


Payment for fuel

The Eurowag acceptance network offers high quality and unrivalled prices for diesel fuel, biodiesel and AdBlue. We have carefully selected a network of petrol stations and truck parks on main European routes, which offer fuel at competitive prices.

More information on using Eurowag cards to pay for fuel

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Where can I use Eurowag cards?

Fuel stations

Eurowag cards are accepted at thousands of fuel stations throughout Europe.


Toll systems

Thanks to its extensive investments, Eurowag offers a unified method for paying tolls electronically on a large number of European motorways and expressways.

Eurowag has a solution for everyone

We offer three Eurowag card options, both of which are tailored to your business.

Solution for large and medium transport companies

The ideal solution for companies in this class is Eurowag One.

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Solution for freight haulers

We have designed a unique product specially for freight forwarders and their transport subcontractors - the Eurowag Vector card.

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Solution for smaller-sized carriers

The Eurowag Easy card has been designed specifically with smaller carriers and company vehicles in mind.

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Why Eurowag?

Everything that you need to know about Eurowag cards

The company’s General Manager Martin Vohánka explains the main benefits of Eurowag cards.

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