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LNG trucks now can use Eurowag fuel card for cashless refuelingat LIQVIS filling stations

EUROWAG customers can now benefit from access to the growing LIQVIS infrastructure network. With a large proportion of Eastern European customers in the LIQVIS portfolio and the strong positionof EUROWAG in the Central Eastern European market as a provider of fleet cards, the partnership is an excellent match forthe growth strategy of both companies.

LIQVIS supplies their customers with LNG fuel in the high traffic country of transit Germany and are pleased to have gained such a strong partner.

EUROWAG is one of the fastest-growing integrated mobility solutions provider in Europe, offering fuel, toll payments, tax processing, fleet management tools, financial services and more to currently more than 11,000 customers across all of Europe. This partnership is an example of their commitment to the expansion of alternative fuel offerings for their customers, and they are excited to be working with LIQVIS.

Since 2017, LIQVIS has been operating LNG tank stations in strategic traffic hubs with particularly high volumes of trucks, such as example in Berlin-Grünheide, Hannover-Langenhagen and Kassel-Lohfelden.

In order to meet the increasing demand for LNG as an alternative fuel, a systematic expansion of German filling station infrastructure is planned in the coming years. In 2021 further LIQVIS stations will be put into operation in the Bad Honnef, Bönen and Magdeburg regions, giving customers more possibilities for refueling with LNG.