Social Corporate Responsibility

A truly successful business should create sustainable value and acknowledge its role in society.

Our Projects

Philanthropy & You
Be Better Day
TruckHelp Foundation

Philanthropy & You

The Eurowag Fund began operating with a budget of EUR 100 000.

Our employees had the opportunity to award EUR 180 from the Eurowag Fund to nonprofit projects of their choice.

  • 93 600 € was disbursed in 2020
  • 520 employees participated

We support good causes

The Philanthropy and You project donates to all types of charities and organizations. Read about some of the charitites we supported in 2020.

Good Angel

The Good Angel Foundation is one of the largest charities in the Czech Republic, and supports families with severely ill children.

Czech Brain

EW employees raised money to support the development of one-year-old Filipek, living with a severe disability. Now Filipek has started moving, using his muscles, and is growing.

Fundacja Dzieciom „Zdążyć Z Pomocą”

Provided a donation to support handicapped children: Nosek Łucja, Maja Tomasik, Potera Antonina, Kłosowska Alicja, Maranowski Julian


Provided financial support to dogs living in the shelter, so they can have food, veterinary care, and other necessities.

Asociatia Help Little Simona

Aided a 13-year-old girl born with Golden Har syndrome with rehabilitation following multiple spine surgeries.

TruckHelp Foundation

As a leader in transport and mobility, we are well aware of the dangers present in our industry. Through the Truck Foundation we support families who have lost loved ones during their work as professional drivers.