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Top 5 truck routing apps

Life on the road is full of stress and unpredictable situations. You never know what is waiting for you right around the corner, especially after a long day behind the wheel of a multi-ton truck.

Top 5 truck routing apps

But we live in the age of rapid technological development, everything we do is often technology dependent and now it becomes possible to avoid a lot of different inconveniences. Quickly evolving apps have penetrated almost in every aspect of our daily life routine and made them much easier. So here are the top 5 truck apps that will be very helpful and become a necessity for every trucker.


Sygic Truck Navigation is the most downloaded offline navigation app. It comes with everything truckers need. Drivers can select the size, type, emission standards, Hazmat, and other parameters of the vehicle. Thanks to these complex truck settings, the app creates three optimal routes to choose from, avoiding sharp curves, unsuitable bridges, tunnels, and other truck restrictions. Sygic also shares information about the parking places and the gas stations for trucks and buses.

Sygic is available for Android and also iOS.


PTV Navigator is an app that was designed specifically for the truckers, hence it involves everything that can be useful for the driver during his journey. Routes are established in real time with taking into consideration type, size and different restrictions of the vehicle. Optimal route calculation, availability of latest traffic information, continuously updated arrival time, parking assistant, clearly arranged interface – all of these made PTV navigator extremely popular among truckers.

The app is available for Android and also iOS.


Waze app is the perfect choice to use in the cities, because it offers online updating information about traffic jams, motor vehicle collisions, road closures, police officers and other possible road conditions. It will automatically reroute you in case of any changes on the chosen way. Also you can search for the places by the names, not only by the addresses, which is extremely useful in the case of cafes and shops. Waze navigator works only with the internet.

The app is available for Android and also iOS.


It is hard to compete with the navigator giants like Google Maps or Waze, but it is possible when it comes to offline usage. CoPilot GPS is the perfect app for situations when you are abroad and do not want to spend money on roaming or stop on every station with the Wi-Fi on the route and update Google Maps. App also got the turn-by-turn voice directions and traffic reports.

Availability of the offline maps is the only main difference between Google Maps and CoPilot GPS, so if access to the internet is not a problem free Google Maps or Waze are more beneficial.

The app is available for Android and also iOS.


This app is perfect for the long, non-direct trips with a lot of the stops for sleep and food. Trucker can choose the route and intuitively pin places where and when they want to stop, based on the weather conditions, curviness and elevations of the road, which is very practical functions for drivers of heavy good vehicles.

The app is available for iOS.


Google Maps is the most useful and well-known routing app all over the globe. Real-time updates automatically will switch you from one route to another if situation on the road changes, because the app continuously checks availability and speed of other variants. ‘Explore nearby’ function will help to find suitable hotels, gas stations, cafes and restaurants that is rated by the users of the app. Maps will work without connection to the internet only if you save your route in advance.

The app is available for Android and also iOS.


Finding suitable parking place on your route can be very time consuming and problematic. Truck Parking Europe is the number one platform for parking heavy good vehicles. Constantly updating databases with lots of feedbacks from truckers will help you to choose a perfect parking place nearby that will match all the requirements without any time loss.

The app is available for Android and also iOS.