Martin Vohánka

CEO & Founder

Martin Vohánka is the CEO of Eurowag, which he founded in 1995, shortly after graduating from high school. Over the years, Martin has successfully developed and scaled the business from an energy payments solution to an integrated payments and mobility platform for the commercial road transportation (CRT) industry that includes energy and toll payments, on-board telematics, route optimization and much more.

Martin is devoted to providing every commercial road transportation company with the benefits of digitization at scale. He has grown up with these businesses, spending time with truck drivers and with the families that own and operate them to understand what they need in order to drive efficiencies. His vision is to build a seamless integrated digital ecosystem and bring about a revolution in the middle mile that benefits customers, partners and the planet.

Martin holds an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh studies OMP program on Harvard and also lectures at the University of Economics, Prague. He was a finalist in the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2014.

In his personal life, Martin is a devoted philanthropist, passionate about the development of civil society. In 2016, he co-founded the Nadační fond nezávislé žurnalistiky (Independent Journalism Foundation) and the Nadace BLÍŽKSOBĚ (Closer Together Foundation), a non-profit organisation which aims to support people in need.