Belgian Toll

Satellite toll was launched in Belgium on 1.4.2016 though registrations have been open since October of last year. The original time stamps referred to as Eurovignettes have been fully replaced by toll monitored via satellite.

The new toll system applies to all motorways and state roads in Flanders, Wallonia and the Belgian region for all domestic and foreign trucks with an overall permitted weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes.

Output based toll is becoming a trend throughout Europe and as such toll rates in Belgium will now be dependent on the overall weight allowed, the EURO emission class and the road category.

The launch of the satellite toll system in Belgium has not been entirely smooth however. According to information available from ViaPass (the system operator) system fallouts have been recorded along with problems associated with delivering OBUs required to monitor toll. These OBUs may be ordered upon registering at service points in Belgium. You may alternatively register via Eurowag which allows you to:

  • Conveniently register online;
  • Order your OBUs with the option of delivering to your address;
  • Pay for toll and the OBUs without any cash transactions;
  • Access online statements enabling transparent invoicing of all toll payments.