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Blockchain technology is set to revolutionize the logistics industry.


Date: 16/05/18   Category: Toll

Our industry is, by no means, at the verge of an imminent digital transformation, and with the times logistics has relied on pen and paper heavily to record transaction coming to an end, it’s worth looking at some of the technology…

4 ways how to pay for toll in Germany

4 ways how to pay German toll

Date: 05/03/18   Category: Toll

Recently, the number of options how you can book and pay for toll in Germany has increased. Let’s summarize them in a brief overview.

Changes to German toll in 2018

Changes to German toll_EN

Date: 01/02/18   Category: Toll

As of 1st of July 2018, Germany is introducing major changes to the toll system. We've put together a quick infographic to summarise the changes for you.

Tolls in Europe – How far will You go with EUR 100?

Toll Intro EN JPG

Date: 03/01/18   Category: Toll

As all of you will know, trucks must pay a toll on motorways, highways, and/or main roads in the vast majority of European countries. We thought it would be nice to show you how far you would be able to drive with just EUR 100 within some…

Belgian Toll


Date: 07/04/16   Category: Toll

Satellite toll was launched in Belgium on 1.4.2016 though registrations have been open since October of last year. The original time stamps referred to as Eurovignettes have been fully replaced by toll monitored via satellite.

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