Count the sim cards in your CAR

Experts suggest that a whopping 50 per cent of new cars today are to one or other extent already connected and by 2030 all vehicles produced with at least some aspect of connectivity, while 25 per cent of them by 2030 will have been fully autonomous.

In fact, the car you drive today might actually be smarter than you think, and already have more than one SIM Card installed in it. Check this out:

First Sim Card – E-Call

Imagine a dangerous car accident on a deserted road. Passengers’ lives are in danger, but nobody is around and nobody even knows. This is when e-call steps in: from March 2018 all new vehicles sold within the EU are equipped with an SOS system. The system will measure the scale and and severity of an accident. E-call will also help you while traveling abroad – it is designed to overcome language barriers so that its users could be certain about their safety anywhere in the EU. The system can be installed in new cars, but also can be retrofitted into the already existing ones.

Second Sim Card – Telematics Unit

Ever thought of a software designed for analyzing vehicles’ movements and better planning? It is often said that the future is now, and it is also true in the case of the telematics unit.

Vehicle tracking uses mostly GPS and GSM technologies and allow companies to reduce costs by making their travels more effective. Although some drivers may feel like this device is supposed to take their privacy away from them, in fact, after getting to know it better, they usually change their minds. It makes a company competitive and better planned through analyzing driving styles. And a well-planned company means benefits not only for the CEO, but also for the employees.

Third Sim Card – Vehicle hotspot

This is something for those who are tired of being constantly offline while on the road. The device now sales for around 100 USD but it is predicted to become cheaper within a few years as it will be more and more popular on the market.Their key feature is of course allowing both the driver and passengers to stay online by connecting internet ready devices to the hotspot. The in-car hotspot can make you not only log into your email or social media, or browse through the Internet. Most of all, it allows you to do more complicated tasks: compose documents, download files, stream videos, etc. — at will.

Fourth Sim Card - Connected services

Are you a mobile phone user with loads of apps in your device? BMW allows you to connect your social media and other applications to your car. All you have to do is to sign in to your BMW ConnectedDrive account and link it with other apps. Again, this seems like an evidence for the future happening now – with BMW Connected Drive, your house can ‘recognize’ you when you get there, open the garage, turn on the lights and set heating for your preferred merit. Displaying text messages on your car’s dashboard? Getting and email about your location every time you park your car? These are only examples of what can you get from connecting your BMW.



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